April 3rd, 2020

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Don't hold the front page...

Don't hold the front page...
What does this lockdown really mean for people in the media?
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Body politic

Body politic
Why did they publish a piece on the effect of coronavirus on Welsh independence?
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Destination unknown

Destination unknown
He always travelled in hope...
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Life sucks

Life sucks
Don't get 'sucked in' by him
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A Good Story

This is the story of Phil Parry’s extraordinary and long career in journalism on newspapers, television, radio and online before he was diagnosed with a serious disability.

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How likely are you to die of coronavirus?
We may have far more infections than previously thought, and constructing models to estimate numbers is extremely hard.
Tom Chivers: Unherd. Deaths

‘A Once-in-a-Century Pathogen’: The 1918 Pandemic & This One
A little over one hundred years ago, a novel virus emerged from an unknown animal reservoir and seeded itself silently in settlements around the world.
Mark Honigsbaum: NY Books. Plague


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UK Politics..for anoraks!

  1. Jeremy Corbyn's departure should mean an end to intolerance and factionalism in the Labour Party
    Lord Mandelson - The House Live
  2. Party members aren’t fit to pick their leader
    Daniel Finkelstein - The Times
  3. Young people have paid enough – spare them from footing the coronavirus bill
    Gaby Hinsliff - The Guardian
  4. Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, the Labour MP on the coronavirus front line
    Alice Thomson - The Times
  5. When did we become a country so happy to surrender its liberties?
    Philip Johnston - The Telegraph
  6. From migrant workers to free broadband, coronavirus has shown that Corbynism is needed
    Diane Abbott - The House Live
  7. The scale of the coronavirus crisis exposes how pointless the Brexit cause is
    Rafael Behr - The Guardian
  8. A one-off income hit is temporary. The loss of a human life is permanent. We should tolerate the first to help save the second
    Ryan Bourne - ConservativeHome
  9. Fearless and principled, our party and country need Lisa Nandy’s leadership
    Louise Haigh - LabourList
  10. Landlords are taking a pummelling from the coronavirus
    Rosalind Beck - CapX


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