November 20th, 2019

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Not standard issue

Not standard issue
The standards commissioner who resigned and the scandals at the university where he is chancellor...
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A right Royal row...

A right Royal row...
When Royalty and honours come calling. Unfortunately...
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Nation shall not speak unto nation...

Nation shall not speak unto nation...
Is an extremist Welsh nationalist party in its death throes?
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Party time

Party time
The candidate for an extreme Welsh nationalist party in one part of Wales has officially endorsed the Brexit Party (BP) nomination in another and the controversy has been highlighted on social media, The Eye can exclusively reveal. The former Carmarthenshire councillor Sian Caiach is the Gwlad, Gwlad GG (Land, Land) candidate for Cardiff Central in next month's General Election, yet is also the proposer for the BP nomination in Llanelli and the …
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A Good Story

This is the story of Phil Parry’s extraordinary and long career in journalism on newspapers, television, radio and online before he was diagnosed with a serious disability.

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A Dem for All Seasons?
The big story of the campaign so far has been the ascent of Elizabeth Warren.
Michael Tomasky: NY Books. US Election 2020

Corbyn’s Labour would crush civil society
Thirty years on, the same tactics employed in Communist central Europe are being mooted in Britain
Roger Scruton: Unherd. Labour

Horse 'spooked by fireworks' impaled on fence
A horse became impaled on a fence after it was thought to have been spooked by fireworks, the RSPCA said.
BBC Wales: Essential Welsh News Flash

UK Politics ... for anoraks!

The bookmakers now say Boris Johnson will win the general election. This is the unexpected reason why
James Moore - Independent
Sturgeon's harsh words for Corbyn ring hollow - she still wants to put him in Number 10
Alan Cochrane - Daily Telegraph
Ones to watch in the new generation of Tory MPs
Harry Phibbs - CapX
Floods are a warning to every would-be MP in this election
Matthew Parris - The Times
This election is a choice between Brexit identity and party allegiance
Beth Rigby - Sky News
I’m a Liberal Democrat candidate – here’s why I’m stepping aside for Labour
Tim Walker - Guardian
Tories are looking in the wrong places for prospective MPs
Joanna Rossiter - Spectator
What does and doesn’t matter about the cyberattack on Labour headquarters
Stephen Bush - NewStatesman
Scrapping HS2 might not be popular in the North — but it’s massively flawed and might just have to be done
Christian Wolmar - The Sun
Labour's NHS plan is a potentially life-saving boost
Editorial - Daily Mirror

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