May 26th, 2019

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Dan Biggar Says He Left The Ospreys To Search For Fame And Not Fortune

Dan Biggar Says He Left The Ospreys To Search For Fame And Not Fortune
Dan Biggar aims to thrive again under the big match spotlight on Saturday – the type of opportunity he admits were starting to pass him by at the Ospreys. The Wales fly-half may have played a significant part in securing the Six Nations Grand Slam this season, but his club’s achievements at Northampton are something of a throwback. Not just …
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Teflon taken off Theresa

Teflon taken off Theresa
So Theresa's gone, but what now?
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Me, myself, I...

Me, myself, I...
When holding up a huge land deal under investigation is 'selfish'
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BREXIT dinner Party

arbeit macht frei
Dearly Beloved Sheeple Back in December I wrote an article titled Christmas dinner party bemoaning the fact that I had never been to or been invited to a 'dinner party'. According to newspapers like the Guardian, political pundits like Alastair Campbell and the television media, 'dinner parties' are supposed to be where 'the people' (discuss? rage?) talk about BREXIT. I …
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A Good Story

This is the story of Phil Parry’s extraordinary 35-year career in journalism on newspapers, television, radio and online before he was diagnosed with a serious disability.

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How Farage outflanked everyone.
As Westminster politicians conspire, the Brexit Party leader grows more powerful.
Mathew Goodwin : UnHerd. Faragism

The Guardian view on Theresa May’s final act: nowhere left to fail
The prime minister has lacked the vision and judgment to define Britain’s future relations with Europe, let alone convince MPs and the public to trust her.
Editorial : Guardian. Theresa May Downfall

Stolen Cardiff Castle stones for sale on eBay
Stones taken from Cardiff Castle have appeared for sale on eBay - with bids starting from £300.
BBC Wales: Essential Welsh News Flash
Original paintings inspired by the beautiful Welsh landscape. Original hand painted cards at prices from £3.50 - £30. CLICK HERE

UK Politics ... for anoraks!

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Stark Customs Union Warning From Turkey | Politico
May Proves She Has Nothing for Everyone | John Crace
One Nation Tory MPs Have to Accept Brexit | Iain Martin
The Trial Of Danny Baker | UnHerd
Saving the Palace of Westminster | Leadsom and Evans
Why ChUKs are Struggling at First Hurdle | Seb Payne

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