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Legal & Liability

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Copyright & Permissions

  1. Content may be quoted within other works as long as the source is correctly attributed and referenced, with a link to the original piece on The Eye e-Magazine if possible.
  2. An attribution must include the following: “The Eye e-Magazine”
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  5. “Commercial Use” is defined as reproductions, adaptations or derivatives of original content on The Eye e-Magazine for a publication, organisation or broadcaster with the intention of generating an income directly or indirectly.

Privacy Policy

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  6. “Personal information” is defined as meaning: e-mail address, IP address, home address, employer’s address, phone number (home or mobile), the content of e-mails, health records, bank account details, receipt of public funds, salary, investment or pensions information, personal wealth.
  7. “Public domain” is defined as meaning: the electoral register, political candidate application forms, information available to the public via government or legislative databases, personal social media accounts, newspapers, radio, television programmes, news websites (i.e. BBC) or freedom of information requests.

Use of Third Party Content

  1. On the same basis that nobody requires permission to link to any page on this site, THE EDITOR will not ask permission to link to another site.
  2. Documents hosted by the site or another site will be linked in brackets and include an indication of the document’s type (i.e pdf) – with or without a specific page number. Warnings may be given if the document is large (i.e 50MB+).
  3. All documents and links are posted on the understanding that they work, are not corrupt and are free from viruses.
  4. Still images used on this site will be credited, ideally, to the photographer. Where that isn’t possible, the site hosting the image will be credited.

Right to Reply & Whistleblowing

  1. Any individual or organisation mentioned in an article has a right to reply to any statements, criticisms, accusations or allegations made about or against them.
  2. People who provide information anonymously will have their anonymity respected on condition there’s a clear name and contact details provided and there’s verifiable “hard evidence”.
  3. You provide confidential information at your own risk and it’s recommended that whistleblowers obtain professional legal advice.

Donations Policy

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