BBC Wales News'The spirit within Wales has been a can-do attitude - let's get this done, let's make it a success'
Dai SportRT @TheBigGrif: Shocked and saddened to hear of Mark Currie's passing. A colleague but also a great friend, who will be sadly missed in the…
UnHerdOur cultural links across the North Sea are deeper than we think | @GeorgeTrefgarne
Dai SportRT @FAWales: The FAW is sad to learn about the passing of Mark Currie. For many years Mark reported on @Cymru internationals at all level…
BBC Wales News#Coronavirus has 'exposed the vulnerability' of the sector in Wales, say @cardiffuni researchers
UnHerdRT @sonyasupposedly: the civilization state — both alternative and reaction to cultural globalization
Dai SportRT @TheVietGwent: The latest on the three way battle between Ieuan Evans, Nigel Davies and incumbent Gareth Davies for a WRU Council nation…
Guido FawkesSome Thoughts on Reforming Online Political Advertising
Crooked MediaRT @HannahBraun12: Y’all, if you’re not listening to the What A Day podcast by @crookedmedia then you are missing out. Hosts @AkilahObvious
BBC Wales News'We have never been so scared'
UnHerdRT @BallouxFrancois: I was in a rush when I wrote this piece, but @james_billot at @UnHerd did a great job at editing the article into a ni…
Guido FawkesUnions Originally Endorsed A Level Grading System
Crooked MediaRT @priaribi: We heard you!!!! Can’t wait to bring everyone’s favorite hour of live chaos back to the @crookedmedia IG airwaves on Friday!…
Guido FawkesLib Dem HQ Vandalised by Eco-Extremists
BBC Wales NewsTheir second complaint - about how the investigation was handled - has taken two years to resolve
BBC Wales NewsThere could be a 'second wave' of coronavirus later this year... but are we ready? Read more:
UnHerdRT @Skogkar: The end of secularism is nigh @UnHerd
Guido Fawkes13% of Londoners Have Coronavirus Antibodies
BBC Wales News'The lack of schedule in my daily life and not going to school has been really difficult'
UnHerdRT @JoseAlNino: Fantastic piece by @arisroussinos. @unherd continues to impress.
Guido FawkesNumber of Students Going to University Rises
BBC Wales NewsRT @WalesPolitics: Major Welsh food and drink event next spring moved back seven months amidst continuing coronavirus uncertainty https://…
Dai SportRT @SportInWales: An interesting take on the battle for a seat on the WRU Council.
Dai SportRT @JackoRugby: Welsh rugby's North Korean state of mind... elections where the number of votes stay secret.
BBC Wales NewsTop #ALevelResults rise despite the chaos caused by coronavirus
UnHerdRT @niall_gooch: The Matthew Sweet one is here. It's great fun, I always enjoy reading a rollicking defence of an unfashionable place (NB a…
BBC Wales NewsOne of the accusations relates to the home where Gerald Corrigan was shot and fatally wounded


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Frostbite, Everest, Antarctica . . . None Of It Terrified Richard...

By David Roberts Former Wales star turned adventurer Richard Parks knows all about survival – and he believes keeping heads above water is all anyone...

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