BBC Wales NewsThere will be no change to how 999 calls are dealt with
Dai SportRT @RobertAndrews: Premier Sports has terminated Sunset+Vine's Pro14 production contract "for force majeure", will pull in-house, one year…
UnHerdA lot of journalists who scold art that is “of its time” seem oblivious to the fact that many of their grievances were pointed out, at the time | @Dorianlynskey
Dai SportRT @Graham_Thomas: The New Saints And Their Lawyers Are Not Giving In . . . That's Just Not The Mike Harris Way via…
Dai SportRT @Dai_Sport_: The New Saints And Their Lawyers Are Not Giving In . . . That’s Just Not The Mike Harris Way
Dai SportThe New Saints And Their Lawyers Are Not Giving In . . . That’s Just Not The Mike Harris Way
Guido FawkesGDP Recovers Just 1.8% in May After 19.1% Drop
BBC Wales NewsRT @WalesPolitics: A different rule for masks on public transport in Wales and England is 'not sustainable', @fmWales says…
UnHerd"What we now call capitalism was consummated in the Dutch republic" | @buffsoldier_96
Business News WalesKLM to Resume Operations from Cardiff Airport in August @Cardiff_Airport @KLM_UK
Dai SportBermuda Boomer Dafydd James Was Wanted By Welsh Premiership Club At Age Of 43 via @Dai_Sport_
Dai SportPro14 TV Deal Thrown Into Doubt As Premier Sports Slash Costs via @Dai_Sport_
UnHerd"There is an extraordinary amount of magical thinking about the beneficial impact of higher education on productivity, economic growth and social mobility" | @David_Goodhart
UnHerd"The phrase 'cancel culture' might have been coined by the Devil to ensure maximum rancour and confusion. It is currently both ubiquitous and uselessly vague." | @Dorianlynskey
BBC Wales NewsRT @BBCNews: UK economy shrinks by one-fifth under lockdown
UnHerdDon't miss @buffsoldier_96 on Europe's overlooked 'bourgeois revolution':
BBC Wales NewsThe arts sector in Wales 'still lacks stories about other backgrounds, other communities'
Led By DonkeysBoris Johnson is incompetent, pass it on
UnHerdWe are so used to thinking of a university education as a passport to a successful life. It's time to challenge that story. | @David_Goodhart
UnHerdThere is nothing new in cancel culture. @Dorianlynskey on the twentieth century liberals who tried to out-liberal all the other liberals:
UnHerdCapitalism was once progressive and liberalism was emancipatory; we shouldn't forget it, just because they've fallen out of fashion | @buffsoldier_96
BBC Wales NewsRT @WalesPolitics: Adam Price wants his son to grow up in a country 'where poverty is a distant memory'
BBC Wales NewsThe new system is set to start at the end of July, but will not apply to people with serious illnesses or injuries
The EyeFrom the substitute’s bench
BBC Wales NewsClass times and breaks could also be staggered to reduce infection risks
Donald J. TrumpLAW & ORDER!
Donald J. TrumpRT @jsolomonReports: Trump legal adviser: Ballot harvesting unconstitutional if it creates ‘wide opportunity for fraud’ | Just The News htt…
Donald J. TrumpRT @TeamTrump: White House Press Secretary @KayleighMcEnany: President @realDonaldTrump has a great record when it comes to the LGBT commun…
Donald J. TrumpThis is why we have so many “cases” for the media to constantly refer to!
Donald J. TrumpRT @TeamTrump: President @realDonaldTrump: “These radical politicians want to defund and abolish the police"

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The camera never lies

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Media monkey business

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