BBC Wales NewsWhy Wales' first minister hasn't lived at home during the whole of #lockdown What restrictions are being eased next:
BBC Wales News‘We've spent months struggling in a very, very difficult time’
Donald J. TrumpRT @DailyCaller: FARRELL: Samantha Power’s Massive Unmasking Effort
Donald J. TrumpRT @DailyCaller: Legendary Notre Dame Football Coach Lou Holtz Defends ‘Fighting Irish’, Says Name Originated When ND Fought The KKK https:…
Donald J. TrumpRT @DailyCaller: ‘Offensive Nonsense’: Josh Hawley Demands Answers From NBA Over Relationship With China
Donald J. TrumpRT @DailyCaller: Elusive Government Memo Shows FBI Did Not Think Michael Flynn Intentionally Lied
Donald J. TrumpRT @DailyCaller: ‘I’m Not Apologizing’: Goya Foods CEO Refuses To Apologize For Pro-Trump Remarks
Donald J. TrumpRT @DailyCaller: Trumps Wants Schools To Reopen, And Teachers Unions Are Pushing Back. What Do Parents Want?
BBC Wales NewsOne phone call to the drug dealer in his cell lasted seven hours
UnHerdRT @unherd: "Now more than ever, it is vital that we — and in particular the universities — stand up for enlightenment principles and repla…
Donald J. TrumpRT @marcorubio: When I began to demand sanctions on #MaduroRegime back in 2014 the Obama/Biden administration fought me every step of the w…
Donald J. TrumpRT @marcorubio: Back in 2014 while the #MaduroRegime was rounding up student protestors for torture & extrajudicial detention the Obama/Bid…
BBC Wales NewsThere have been more than 500 positive test linked to two north Wales sites
Donald J. TrumpCongratulations to @seanhannity on a big night, as usual!
Donald J. TrumpRT @TVNewsHQ: Watch: Fox News’ @JesseBWatters compares Joe Biden to an erratic driver: “Just along for the ride: No sense of direction... w…
Donald J. Trump“Joe Biden, a little out of it, let’s face it, so he is the perfect vessel, an empty vessel, to transform the Country.” @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews “Destroying your dreams and ending your life.” Ned Ryan
BBC Wales News'We would be very lucky' to escape a second #coronavirus peak, one doctor says
UnHerdRT @unherd: Liberals need to name their ‘woke breaking point’ — to state publicly how much woke is too much | @peterfranklin_…
Crooked MediaFeeling apocalyptic lately? Might be time to adjust your thinking. "[The Book of Revelation] says nothing about the end of the's imagining the renewal of the world." Professor of Religion @timothybeal speaks with @pfpicardi on #UnholierThanThou.
Donald J. TrumpRT @ShannonBream: BREAKING: POTUS commutes Roger Stone's sentence. From WH: "Roger Stone has already suffered greatly. He was treated…
BBC Wales NewsKyle Bowen will be sentenced at a later date
NotSoGreatDictatorCaptain Birds I Will Always Love You #TakeATuneFishing
Dai SportRT @PAULREES10: @Dai_Sport_ Brilliant article 👏👏
BBC Wales News'We need to fire up the engines again or there'll be no jobs for our staff to come back to'
BBC Wales NewsLibby Shankland admitted kissing the drug dealer while at work
BBC Wales NewsDefence bosses say they've launched a serious incident review
BBC Wales NewsThomas Bryan attacked wife Vivienne, at their home in Gwynedd on 25 December last year
Guido FawkesConservative Party Conference Returns to Blackpool

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