Guido FawkesGina Miller's New Campaign Urges Leave Constituencies to Vote Labour to Stop Brexit
BBC Wales News‘Geoff has thrown boiling oil over me, help me, help me, get here now. I am burnt to hell’
Business News WalesEnergy Firm to Power Rugby Stadium with 100% Renewable Energy | @octopus_energy @cardiff_blues
Guido FawkesHello @SueWixLD, someone claiming to be your aide called and said we had slandered you. We said to put the correction in writing. So far we have received nothing. Could he also include any pictures of you and your Nobel Peace Prize?
Crooked MediaBad news: The Republican propaganda machine (cough cough, Fox News) is in full swing. Good News: It's not convincing independent and swing voters, who support impeachment like the majority of Americans.
Guido FawkesTory Lead Squeezed Down to Six Points
Guido FawkesRT @MediaGuido: QOTD: Corbyn Teases New Media Regulations
Dai SportRT @Graham_Thomas: Ffion Tynon Earns Wales Call For South America via @Dai_Sport_
Dai SportFfion Tynon Earns Wales Call For South America
Guido FawkesHere are the actual International Landmine Campaign's Nobel Peace Prize winners accepting their award. Have you changed your hairstyle @SueWixLD?
Guido FawkesCorbyn Calls for Government to Activate Scheme Already Activated Three Days Ago
Business News WalesNew Global Pharma Centre of Excellence Opens in South Wales | @UDGHealthcare
Guido FawkesTwitter Bitch Fight of the Week
Guido FawkesHave we gone for nearly a full 24-hour news cycle without a Labour anti-semitism incident?
BBC Wales NewsFirst Welsh cancer patient gets gene treatment
Nation.Cymru‘I’m not the KGB’ McEvoy says as Senedd swept for bugs after secret recordings
BBC Wales News‘One of the UK's most idiosyncratic seats, Ceredigion is a law unto itself’
Guido FawkesPutney Lib Dem’s Nobel Peace Prize Award Claim
Guido FawkesWe think we have found the biggest LibDem leaflet exaggeration ever. ** STAY TUNED **
Business News WalesClogau Gold Reveals Blueprint for High Street Success | @Clogau
BBC Wales NewsRT @WalesPolitics: Neil McEvoy AM claims Sir Roderick Evans presided over a ‘locker room culture’
BBC Wales NewsYou could soon be taking flight over Wales' last deep pit
Nation.CymruAdam Boulton questions whether Wales is a country
Guido FawkesSpotted in Morley and Outwood...
BBC Wales NewsThe employment in Wales remains below that of the UK as a whole
Guido FawkesUniversities Fear Labour’s Funding Policy Would Leave them Strapped for Cash
Marina HydeYes the logical extrapolation of this position is - ... but no. No, it’s just too easy. What a mind.
BBC Wales News🚙🚗 The completion date is pushed back for the second time this year, prompting anger from some locals


Fame and misfortune

Meeting many famous people awaited for our Editor...


England and Wales

Art not for art’s sake

Open sesame


Eluned Morgan To Appoint Wichfinder General In England

Secretary of State for England Baroness Morgan of Ely AM has said she hopes the vote to choose a parliament for England on the...

Home not-so-sweet home


Childish behaviour

The Churchill tank

Deal me in…


All Change . . . Wayne Pivac Era Will Include New...

The car parking space at the Welsh Rugby Union’s training centre has a new name plate. Warren Gatland has gone and Wayne Pivac’s initials...


As time goes by…

Again - what exactly is going on?!

Speak easy

Tropical storm

A family affair

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