BBC Wales NewsThere are now 3,197 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Wales - but the true number is likely to be higher
Guido FawkesWATCH How Ill is Boris Really?
UnHerdRT @MarkHiggie1: Excellent article by @ianbirrell on China’s stooges running the World Health Organisation, who’ve turned it into an arm o…
Guido FawkesWATCH Scottish Chief Medical Officer’s Hypocritical Video [VIDEO]
BBC Wales NewsCoronavirus: 12 more people in Wales who tested positive die, taking the total to 166
Guido FawkesRT @policescotland: Chief Constable @CC_Livingstone statement on the conduct of the Chief Medical Officer.
Marina HydeRT @xtophercook: Opening up questions of reparations is, might I suggest, a very bad idea for Britain
UnHerd"Be forgiving of the modellers who are desperately trying to make life-changing, history-changing decisions at high speed and with bad data." @TomChivers explains why the coronavirus death rate in Italy looks like it's so much higher than in Germany
BBC Wales News2,500 new staff will bolster the service
Guido FawkesRT @GuidoFawkes: The Sunday show highlights all in one place. Stay in bed, we'll watch 'em so you don't have to. Get the highlights sent di…
BBC Wales NewsThe crash happened near the Brynglas tunnels
BBC Wales NewsThe number of critical care beds in Wales is increasing on a daily basis
Guido FawkesScottish Chief Medical Officer’s Weekend Break of Her Rules
UnHerdRT @VPrasadMDMPH: Great article. Someone should dig deeper. It was more than just psychologists who said flu worse than covid 2 months ago…
BBC Wales News'It gives us a sense of normality' Family fun during the lockdown
BBC Wales NewsThe new UK Labour leader also called for a 'national vaccine programme' against the virus
Guido FawkesWatch in Full: Starmer’s First Interview as Labour Leader
Guido FawkesWe watch 'em so you don't have to. The Sunday show highlights all in one place
The EyeDAN HODGES: At last, there are reasons for optimism
The EyeThe latest The EYE Investigates Daily! Thanks to @MaccaTheHack @TheSlay @PTHBhealth #rt
UnHerdThe World Health Organisation has failed to speak truth to power — with catastrophic results | @ianbirrell
BBC Wales News'We're trying to make things as accessible as possible'
Guido FawkesStarmer’s New “Balanced” Shadow Cabinet Will Include ‘Blairites’
Guido FawkesStarmer: Government Should Extend Brexit Deadline if Necessary
Guido FawkesStarmer: Labour Won’t Join Government of National Unity
Dai SportRT @Graham_Thomas: London Welsh Are On The Rise . . . Despite The Season Standing Still via @Dai_Sport_
Dai SportLondon Welsh Are On The Rise . . . Despite The Season Standing Still

Body politic

Destination unknown

Life sucks


Don’t hold the front page…

What does this lockdown really mean for people in the media?

Body politic

Destination unknown

Life sucks

Banging on…

Running into the sand…


The taming of the few

Unpopular populism

Not going viral

Banging on…

The Coronavirus Antibody

Going viral

Wall game

Covid-19: The Practice Run


Scarlets Line Up 500 Beds . . . And Plan 1,500...

Workers are making rapid progress on converting Parc y Scarlets into a temporary hospital to provide extra beds for the NHS during the COVID-19...


Read into events…

Escaping the Coronovirus at home with a good book is essential!

Drink in the news

‘I Wanna Be Elected’

Come on down…

Police and thieves

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