Donald J. TrumpJust leaving the Great State of Ohio for New York and a few big days at the United Nations. Your Country will be well represented!
Donald J. TrumpNow the Fake News Media says I “pressured the Ukrainian President at least 8 times during my telephone call with him.” This supposedly comes from a so-called “whistleblower” who they say doesn’t even have a first hand account of what was said. More Democrat/Crooked Media con.....
BBC Wales NewsThe cause of the fire is not thought to be suspicious
BBC Wales NewsA new law to help save loos from closure by scrapping business rates has stalled
Donald J. TrumpRT @sanghaviharsh: He has already made the American economy strong again. He has achieved much for the US and for the world. We, in India…
BBC Wales NewsThe pit explosion left more than 200 widows and hundreds of children without a father
BBC Wales News'Everything went into slow motion. None of us really knew what had happened'
BBC Wales NewsThere could be more downpours on Tuesday, says the Met Office
BBC Wales News‘Monitoring is important as it helps track progress’
Crooked MediaThere are 20 battleground states we want to win in 2020. To do it, we need *every single vote,* so help @staceyabrams protect every single vote. It could be the most important thing you do to affect the 2020 election →
Guido FawkesRT @GuidoFawkes: As Labour votes to abolish private schools here is your regular reminder that of the Labour leadership Jezza, McDonnell, M…
BBC Wales NewsUrgency needed to protect loos from closure, charity warns
Crooked Media"I do not think this election is a referendum on one guy in one office. I think this election is a referendum on who we are and who we've got to be to each other." Senator @CoryBooker discuss hope on a new #LovettorLeaveIt. Listen here:
Guido FawkesAs Labour votes to abolish private schools here is your regular reminder that of the Labour leadership Jezza, McDonnell, Milne and Schneider attended private schools. Watson did not. #Lab19
BBC Wales NewsWhere's the best place for biking in Wales?
BBC Wales News'They should never be forgotten'
Crooked Media“It’s helpful to understand where these beliefs come from rather than simply saying it’s hatred.” Kathryn Olmsted and @jonronson discuss the radical beliefs held by conspiracy theorists today in a new episode of #CrookedMinis.
Donald J. TrumpJustice Kavanaugh should sue The Failing New York Times for all they are worth!
Donald J. TrumpLook forward to being with our great India loving community!
Donald J. Trump“The @nytimes is trying to make someone (Justice Kavanaugh) into an evil person when they don’t have the information to back it up. It is a false hoax.” @MZHemingway @MediaBuzzFNC Zero people were fired at the Times. Why?
BBC Wales News'We appreciate it's an accident, but that's why you pay for insurance'
Guido FawkesLabour’s Plan to Abolish Child Protection Watchdog
Donald J. TrumpWill be in Houston to be with my friend. Will be a great day in Texas!
Donald J. Trump“They are trying to destroy and influence Justice Kavanaugh, a very good man.” @LindseyGrahamSC 100% correct, and they should be fully exposed for what they are!


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