BBC Wales News'Although we're not developing the vaccines ourselves, it is a lot of work'
BBC Wales News'A growing number of divisions in society creates a space where people can rationalise behaviour'
UnHerdBritain would have had a very different pandemic under the leadership of the former Health Secretary | @jameskirkup
Donald J. TrumpThe Fake News is talking about CASES, CASES, CASES. This includes many low risk people. Media is doing everything possible to create fear prior to November 3rd. The Cases are up because TESTING is way up, by far the most, and best, in the world. Mortality rate is DOWN 85% plus!
Donald J. TrumpJUST VOTED. A great honor!
Donald J. TrumpOur Economy is doing great, and is ready to set new records - best ever (Again!). Biden will destroy everything with his massive Tax Increases. Don’t let it happen!!!
BBC Wales News'Watching porn tarnished my body image and made me insecure' There are calls for the dangers of porn to be taught in schools
UnHerdRT @niall_gooch: Loved this @northumbriana piece on the delights of the Northern Football League. Still chuckling t…
Guido FawkesFood for MPs is more heavily subsidised in the MPs' private dining rooms than it is for non-MPs. Same food, same parliament. All-party troughing at our expense.
BBC Wales NewsFirst fines handed out for breaching Wales’ firebreak lockdown
Crooked MediaNew #LovettorLeaveIt: @alexwagner & @guybranum play OK, Stop. @ira joins for the monologue. @GreenfieldIowa talks about her Senate campaign. Plus, @OliviaTroye on leaving Trump’s covid task force & @KohnMurphDog on the Gen Z campaign for Biden on TikTok.
Dai SportAlex Smithies On THAT Save, Being Cardiff City's No 1 and A Play-Offs Hangover via @Dai_Sport_
Dai Sport"Incredible" Korey Smith Is Part Of Big Swansea Threat, Says Dean Holden via @Dai_Sport_
Dai SportWales Wing George North Still Keen To Be As Slick Scoring Tries As He Is Changing Nappies via @Dai_Sport_
Dai SportRT @Dai_Sport_: Wales Wing George North Still Keen To Be As Slick Scoring Tries As He Is Changing Nappies
Dai SportWales Wing George North Still Keen To Be As Slick Scoring Tries As He Is Changing Nappies
BBC Wales News16 more Covid-19 deaths and 1,324 new cases in Wales, according to figures published daily by Public Health Wales
Guido FawkesFLASHBACK 2012: Hungry For Taxes: Lunchtime Robbery
UnHerdSamuel Paty, slaughtered for a lesson in tolerance, has become a martyr for the Republic | @john_lichfield
Guido FawkesHere's an idea (a) pay them such that they can afford to buy unsubsidised lunches (b) stop the £80-grand-plus-a year MPs' private dining rooms being subsidised at the expense of minimum wage taxpayers.
BBC Wales NewsThe 46-year-old staff nurse died after being struck outside the hospital where he worked
Guido FawkesThe taxpayers have subsidised MPs food and drink to the tune of £30 million over the last decade. £2.6 million last year alone.
Dai SportRT @piersmorgan: Getting worrying reports that people in Wales can't buy my book in stores today because it's not deemed an 'essential' ite…
Dai SportRT @SwanseaUniFC: Happy Birthday 🥳 today to captain @AdamOrme and Director of our @Swanunifutsal program who will soon make their @UEFAFut
The EyeA cruel and unusual punishment?
Guido FawkesWhere, apart from subsidised MPs' restaurants, in central London can you get seabass and a glass of champagne with change out of a £20 note?
BBC Wales NewsRT @BBCSportWales: "He's the first guy to say if his performance isn't good enough, he shouldn't be selected. I can assure you in training…
Dai SportRT @SimBoxx: 🥊 Julio Cesar Martinez made another successful defence of his WBC flyweight title last night👊🥊 He stopped Moises Calleros in…
Guido FawkesHave never understood why taxpayers are expected to subsidise MPs meals to the tune of millions. Would they not eat if they weren't MPs? Restaurants are literally half-price compared to the locality. Off site they can claim £25-a-day in food expenses. All party piss take.
BBC Wales NewsSome opposed the move over drugs concerns, saying it could have a 'catastrophic effect' on the area

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