BBC Wales NewsSome won't 'have a clue how they are going to get their money back'
UnHerdRT @Jake_Hanrahan: "It is impossible to view the US at this point as anything other than a cautionary tale..." Check this out by @arisrou
UnHerdRT @subhash_kak: "Globalisation was a process by which advanced Western economies unilaterally surrendered their manufacturing capacity to…
BBC Wales NewsRT @BBCSportWales: ⚽ The Premier League has given clubs permission to play friendly matches, with strict restrictions, before the restart o…
Crooked MediaRT @ClintSmithIII: I've said this before, but for all the people who believe you definitely would have been abolitionists in the era of sla…
BBC Wales NewsCycling chief says there is 'a once in a lifetime opportunity' to inspire Wales to cycle
UnHerdRT @TomChivers: Should we expect a second Covid wave? I did a thing about how we assess the impacts of relaxing lockdown measures and what…
BBC Wales NewsMPs vote to discontinue virtual Parliament via @BBCNews
Guido FawkesICYMI Yesterday “Cummings Goes or I Go” Doctor Not Gone
Donald J. TrumpNew York City put on an 11:00 P.M. CURFEW last night. No wonder they ripped the place apart. Should be 7:00 P.M. CALL UP THE NATIONAL GUARD. #SAVENYC
Business News WalesUpcoming Event for your Diary... 3rd June – Webinar By @chwaraeteg Women – Your Business Idea – MAKE. IT. HAPPEN!
BBC Wales NewsPeople from ethnic minorities are at a higher risk of dying from coronavirus, a report says
Dai SportRT @TomYoungSJ: Overwhelmed to see my @SportsJournoUSW major project being used by the club I’ve supported all my life! If you’ve not alre…
Dai SportRT @CF10RugbyTrust: This is great stuff.
Guido FawkesCrony Capitalism Will Not Be Tolerated
UnHerdRT @NJ_Timothy: Every single word of this piece by @arisroussinos is on the money.
BBC Wales NewsUK government health secretary Matt Hancock is about to give daily briefing
Dai SportRT @oli_mcburnie: A little vid on my thoughts. I haven’t got the answers, I just know what’s going on is wrong and it needs to change. #Bla
Marina HydeRT @jessphillips: Nothing like spending an hour in a queue with people saying "this is utterly ridiculous" and "what a waste of time" and t…
BBC Wales News‘Social distancing is impossible with young children’
Marina HydeThe MPs voting in Rees-Mogg’s carnival of twattery really is Sideshow Bob and the rake.
BBC Wales NewsHow and when should Welsh schools reopen?
UnHerdRT @edwest: Should we expect a Covid second wave? the great @TomChivers on what to expect in what has been a rollercoaster of a year so far…
BBC Wales NewsIt has been a challenge to find enough tutors to teach Welsh online
Nation.CymruSenedd roundup: Plans to restart more routine activity in the NHS due tomorrow.
Guido Fawkes[WATCH] MPs’ Vote In New Covid-Secure Way
Business News WalesLeanne Thomas is Director and Head of West Wales for corporate lawfirm @GreenawayScott1 tells us more about... 'How to Successfully Plan for a Management Buyout'
BBC Wales NewsThe 150-tonne section missed houses by a few feet
UnHerdRT @giles_fraser: Brilliant by @arisroussinos. Covid has exposed the US as a failed state.


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