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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Crooked MediaRT @priaribi: In tonight's #WhatADay: DJT invites the press to watch his meltdown, the VP has to break the first-ever tie on a federal judg…
Dai SportMartyrs Suffer In Southern League Home Defeat Against Dolphins https://t.co/6CFmEBbzo2
Guido FawkesRemainers get a taste of their own medicine... https://t.co/4t2BgSaBar
BBC Wales NewsThe Gothic style building was built in 1795 https://t.co/6N8SsDmjLK
Guido Fawkes"Stop Brexit" Man Removed By Police https://t.co/ZLR3155dh2
BBC Wales News🎭 The shows must go on! 'Unique' venue applauded by @wrexhamcbc leaders https://t.co/N3cKe5VkHh
Donald J. TrumpThanks to Leader McConnell for agreeing to bring a Senate vote on Criminal Justice this week! These historic changes will make communities SAFER and SAVE tremendous taxpayers dollars. It brings much needed hope to many families during the Holiday Season.
Guido FawkesUS Ambassador to the EU Calls EU 'Utterly Obstructionist' https://t.co/FS4nUJQbwQ
BBC Wales News'There are no words to describe it. The world had gone dark' https://t.co/IXfsaSGFnf
Guido FawkesPublic Think Politics Would Be 'More Chaotic' Under Labour https://t.co/5vN6SzWTps
BBC Wales NewsSo much for Christmas spirit 😢 https://t.co/QcwKIo2JzD
Guido FawkesUPDATED: "Has Theresa May Gone Yet?" https://t.co/90RwboNuKQ
BBC Wales NewsPeople are pleased to see a long-standing derelict building transformed, @angleseycouncil says https://t.co/povKB2IDYO
Dai SportRT @Dai_Sport_: Ioan Lloyd Prepares for 2019 Junior Rally Title Challenge https://t.co/DV3kmQ1A5X
BBC Wales NewsA romantic couple got engaged at Sugar Loaf... not the one overlooking Copacabana beach but the one tucked away in deepest, darkest Wales https://t.co/3cTN4cJaCA
Guido FawkesNo 10 Keeping Croydon Central in the Family https://t.co/NaNWeRgMBH
Guido FawkesCentre for Medical Cannabis Launched https://t.co/UYdF7G8MH9

Pressing issues

More job hunting

Lies, damned lies etc…


Bang on…

A man and his comments about his Chinese girlfriend

Whistling in the wind part one

More job hunting

Lies, damned lies etc…

Tricks of the trade

Ugly story

Redundant university


George Soros, conspiracy

George Soros Conspiracy, Conspiracy

Sophisticated computer generated images like this abound on TwitterEvidence is emerging that Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has been made up by ‘Deep Government’ mostly...

Pressing issues


Springing into action

Labour of love


Neil Warnock At (Almost) 70 . . . The Old Touchline...

Neil Warnock turns 70 on Saturday when the Cardiff City manager will join an exclusive club (membership: three) who have reached that milestone working...


Hit squad

Controversial writer opens up about crash

Invisible Welsh wizard’s spell

Invisible Welsh wizard

War games