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BBC Wales NewsIt's been over a week since it was closed to visitors
Led By DonkeysThese five teachers painted a huge message in a field in the Peak District. Sound on.
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Guido FawkesLabour Candidate In Student Town Accused of Calling Students a “Disease”
BBC Wales NewsThe M48 Severn Bridge is closed in both directions
Nation.CymruIn the last year 37 private management consultants have been hired for use in the NHS at a total cost of just over £2 million.
BBC Wales NewsRT @WalesPolitics: Mark Drakeford confirms probe into claims a cabinet colleague breached rules for ministers
Led By DonkeysNEW: The only way to beat Boris Johnson is to vote tactically. All you need is Pls share.
BBC Wales News🙏 Their prayers have been answered
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Guido FawkesHappy birthday Sir John Curtice
BBC Wales NewsThe Wales star has not played this season because of the injury
Guido FawkesWetherspoons to Create 10,000 New Jobs
Guido FawkesThe Political Studies Assoication sent out a press release saying Boris would fail to get a majority according to their academic expert's consensus. 326 is a majority. Do these experts know what they are talking about?
Marina HydeRT @thhamilton: I know people don't think this is the story, and I understand why the story is a story, but recording and then leaking a pr…
Guido FawkesRT @MediaGuido: Buzzfeed UK Issued Today With Strike Off Notice for Failing to File 2018 Accounts…
BBC Wales NewsJohn Allen abused five boys as young as 13 over an 18-year period
NotSoGreatDictatorSaw Petra today which is a life defining moment but for some reason decided to tweet about my freak custard cream experience first.


Still on the horns of dilemma

Loved by some but not by all...


Leaders of the pack

Not so well

Not standard issue

A right Royal row…


Party fears

They're not really nervous

Telling a secret

Tragedy to victory

Bellwether Party

The Bellwether Manifesto

Leaders of the pack

Jew baiter

A sign saying businesses open as usual obscured by a roadworks barrier.

The Ballad of Swansea Kingsway


Dan Biggar Says His Current Coach Is Heads Above The Rest...

Dan Biggar has claimed Northampton coach Chris Boyd is the best he has ever worked with – putting the New Zealander on top of...


Coat of arms, Swansea city coat of arms, roadworks.

Swansea City Redesigns Logo to Incorporate Road Works Colour Scheme

Due to the enormous popularity of the city’s conceptual roadworks system Swansea Council has spent £500,000 on a new logo.  Council leader Rob Stewart...

Come on down…

Police and thieves

Learning from experience

Deadline disarray

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