Dai SportJamie Roberts In March: “I’d Struggle To Play For Anyone Except Cardiff Blues” . . . August: “My Love For The Game Was Born On The Terraces Of Rodney Parade” https://t.co/sPos0nHjBj
Guido FawkesRich’s Monday Morning View https://t.co/xP5EkBWpzA
BBC Wales News'We need to know whether that could have been avoided' https://t.co/om8DvtKDQW
UnHerdRT @Ezidi2: When will the Yazidis get justice? ▪️Men and unwanted women were executed on the spot, their bodies flung into mass graves. Wo…
BBC Wales NewsIt has been described as a 'real hammer blow' for landlords https://t.co/aSaXp3uQiz
UnHerdRT @koldo_casla: Might the Tories be edging towards a land value tax? The case for it by @peterfranklin_ in @UnHerd https://t.co/frxF0SjxCM
BBC Wales NewsA number of cars were dispersed from a retail park on Sunday following reports of anti-social behaviour Read more: https://t.co/ey4PNK0OkW https://t.co/uS3k9MCW7K
Business News WalesThree Quarters of #Furloughed Workers are Worried About #Redundancy https://t.co/scnZIbtf8T
BBC Wales NewsBingo halls and bowling alleys can also reopen https://t.co/7l73Tlqxof
UnHerdRT @BarbaraRKay: From this description I infer they were all childless, which has a lot to say about "godless worlds": The village that ima…
Crooked MediaRT @TVietor08: I have listened to most of this series and it’s amazing. @brhodes takes you around the world to learn how political viruses…
Crooked MediaRT @danpfeiffer: I am, of course, very biased because @brhodes is my very good friend, but he is one smartest, most strategic thinkers I ha…
BBC Wales NewsThe number patients infected with #coronavirus while at hospital in north Wales has risen for four consecutive weeks https://t.co/6PU4Wm4mBK
UnHerdRT @WilliamClouston: How universities shut out conservative academics @UnHerd https://t.co/u3F0Awuu8a
BBC Wales News'If we didn't have that genetic test, we still wouldn't know' https://t.co/rFC1VFWTqS
Crooked MediaRT @brhodes: Trump's abandonment of US leadership has fueled authoritarianism and disorder everywhere. For two years, I talked to dozens of…
Crooked MediaRT @DEADLINE: President Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes Launches ‘Missing America’ Podcast With ‘Pod Save America’ Prod…
Crooked MediaWhat happens when the US stops leading the free world & starts trying to dismantle it? In MISSING AMERICA, out on 8/11, @brhodes explores the global effect of nationalism, authoritarianism & disinformation taking shape. Listen to the trailer & subscribe: https://t.co/h20OiEAR6i
UnHerdRT @YvonneARoberts: The village that imagined a godless world @UnHerd https://t.co/vFsh3YLVgn very near Dorchester and charmingly described
Guido FawkesLabour MP’s Unpaid Internship Irony https://t.co/AwBmswbBFW
BBC Wales NewsStreets across the county will be pedestrianised and one-way walkways will help queueing and social distancing https://t.co/0tTDqNASti
BBC Wales NewsResearch at Bangor University suggests outbreaks could be picked up 'before we see a spike in infections in the community' https://t.co/58yFszBI4d
UnHerdRT @paulbristow79: “a highly vocal and active minority can have an effect on the wider climate that is wholly disproportionate to their act…
Donald J. TrumpMy visits last week to Texas and Florida had massive numbers of cheering people gathered along the roads and highways, thousands and thousands, even bigger (by far) than the crowds of 2016. Saw no Biden supporters, and yet some in the Fake News said it was an equal number. Sad!
BBC Wales NewsRT @BBCNews: Hays Travel announce hundreds of job cuts as new travel restrictions trigger holiday cancellations https://t.co/dl5vJnLuov
BBC Wales NewsThe discount is capped at £10 per person and does not apply to alcohol https://t.co/8NxXQ0ZP0J
Business News WalesGUEST COLUMN Why we Must Concentrate our Energies for the Good of All Cllr. Anthony Hunt, Leader @torfaencouncil and Chair of the #CCR Regional Cabinet tells us more... https://t.co/KnZwkoR0F8
UnHerdRT @YazdaOrg: When will the Yazidis get justice? @UnHerd https://t.co/ShlW94zgTB
Guido FawkesCorbyn’s Russia-Promoted Leaked Trade Documents were Hacked from Liam Fox’s Email https://t.co/4nJ28SYhRc


In through the out door

Fishing for facts

A party game


Phil as judge

The wrong arm of the law…

Here our Editor Phil Parry looks at the importance for all journalists of knowing the law, and the mistakes people make when they attack them yet...

In through the out door

A party game

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Fishing for facts

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