Guido FawkesEmily Thornberry Denies Sneering at Leave Voters
Guido FawkesRT @EuroGuido: European Parliament Trade Committee Boss: UK-EU FTA Can Be Completed This Year…
BBC Wales NewsShould slaughterhouses in Wales have CCTV cameras?
Dai SportRT @walesTT: NEWS @annaLhursey took the runners up spot in the mixed doubles and 6th place in the singles (U14s) at the Xinxing Cup (China)…
Dai SportWayne Pivac Insists Six Nations Title Can Be Won Again
BBC Wales NewsThe service is under ‘exceptional pressures’
BBC Wales NewsThe project is already £54m over budget
BBC Wales NewsRT @WalesPolitics: Ross England is ‘no longer a Welsh Conservative candidate', says @WelshConserv
BBC Wales NewsShe has been in hospital since before Christmas and faces being sent 40 miles away from home
BBC Wales NewsA public inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal started in 2019
BBC Wales NewsCall for a ‘much more healthy debate about our food system’
BBC Wales NewsAn 18-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of murder
Guido FawkesRT @EuroGuido: Governing party (@FineGael) manifesto "Brexit is not done yet. It’s only half-time. The next step is to negotiate a free tra…
BBC Wales NewsThe heads of ITV Wales and S4C also gave evidence
Guido FawkesRT @choegyn: @stefanguy @GuidoFawkes Is it dirt? This is a guy who has been talking up his working class credentials and I don't know what…
Guido FawkesDoes Boris wash his hair in Windowlene?
Guido FawkesRT @Annette1Hardy: Emily Thornberry wants the best for her children and chose their school on that basis. Fine. “Any mother would do the sa…
BBC Wales NewsPunishing those asking for handouts would just move the problem elsewhere, fear councillors
BBC Wales NewsMolson Coors owns brands including Carling, Worthington, Sharp's and Cobra
Crooked MediaYounger Americans are moving from the country’s biggest, bluest cities to the suburbs & smaller cities of the historically red Sunbelt. Hear what this means for Democrats in 2020 on #TheWilderness. “Chapter 3: The Southwest” out now: @jonfavs @DKThomp
BBC Wales NewsYou normally see this phenomenon below mountain peaks
BBC Wales News‘Intensively grown vegetables won’t save the planet’
Crooked MediaRT @PodSaveAmerica: HEY. We added another stop to our tour calendar in Santa Barbara, CA. Come say hi. Presale tickets available now with…
Donald J. TrumpRT @RepDougCollins: Chairman Schiff restricted Republican witnesses in the House. Rules Committee Democrats claimed "plenty of witnesses…
BBC Wales NewsBeryl Billington rang 999 without a genuine emergency last May and October
Guido Fawkes#SpecAwards Parliamentarian of the Year Boris Johnson. No show, possibly because Andrew Neil in the audience.
Guido Fawkes#SpecAwards Comeback of the Year Priti Patel


Cant pay won’t pay…

A PR 'journalist' writes...

Bad counsel

Truth hurts part two

Truth hurts part one

Don’t shoot the messenger!



Truth hurts part two

'This is worth investigating...'

Labour pains

The camera never lies

Removal van

Guilds versus Trades Unionism

Red dawn


Introducing Wayne Pivac . . . Rabbit Magician, Strategist, And Bold...

English rugby has always provided Wales with international players over the years, but few coaches have proved as willing to tap into the neighbour’s...


‘I Wanna Be Elected’

Why elections are odd things...

Come on down…

Police and thieves

Learning from experience

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