Crooked MediaNew #KeepIt: @Ira @louisvirtel & @shutupaida discuss Beyoncé’s latest visual album, Brandy’s return with B7 & revisiting Moesha on Netflix, & more. Plus, @thatonequeen joins to discuss mixing politics with drag and her Emmy nominated series We’re Here.
BBC Wales News‘Max remained focused throughout the long search and he proved invaluable’
UnHerdRT @northumbriana: My piece for @unherd on the passing of Jack Charlton, with a special mention for @BillCorcoran5
Dai SportRT @Graham_Thomas: Vote Rhondda Netball . . . For More Taylar Moores And Other Super Heroes Without Capes via @Dai_
Guido FawkesGrace Blakeley’s Pret a Mess Up
Dai SportVote Rhondda Netball . . . For More Taylar Moores And Other Super Heroes Without Capes
BBC Wales NewsCoronavirus clusters must be ‘stamped down’ when identified, Wales' chief medical officer says
Business News WalesWales Business Review – Episode 21 This week, host @AMCarwyn is joined by @R_A_SELBY Director at Pro Steel Engineering Limited and Barbara Chidgey Executive Chair at @LeadinginWales
UnHerd"Some leaders will see it as more honourable to remain to the last and die at a victor’s hand if need be. Exile, though, surely offers a more merciful way out." | @marydejevsky
BBC Wales News'Everyone seems desperate to go to the countryside and coast'
Donald J. TrumpSally Yates has zero credibility. She was a part of the greatest political crime of the Century, and ObamaBiden knew EVERYTHING! Sally Yates leaked the General Flynn conversation? Ask her under oath. Republicans should start playing the Democrats game!
Donald J. Trump.@CNN has no sources on the Task Force. Their “sources” are made up, pure fiction! Jim Acosta is a Fake reporter!
BBC Wales NewsWayne Withers is refusing to use public transport because so many people are 'ignoring' the rules
UnHerdRT @jmendelsohn77: When will the Yazidis get justice? @UnHerd @LiamSD12
Crooked MediaNEW #PodSaveTheWorld: @tvietor08 & @brhodes talk about the enormous explosions in Beirut, why Cuba has become an issue for Congresswoman Karen Bass in Biden’s VP selection process, why US troops are leaving Germany, & more.
Guido FawkesI'm absolutely horrified to see this terrible photo mistake made after my piece was signed off five minutes ago, and want to apologise profusely on behalf of Media Guido.
BBC Wales NewsOne claim for an 800-mile journey – instead of 80 miles – was mistakenly processed, the audit found
Business News Wales#Debt Finance: A Few Considerations This article follows on from the private equity overview write-up from @GreenawayScott1
UnHerdRT @lucigosling: Watched this documentary last week after @northumbriana tweeted about it, & this, his article based on it, is a tender tri…
BBC Wales NewsTwo more people have died in Wales after contracting coronavirus, taking the total to 1,568 Read more:
UnHerdRT @profmarkcollard: I thoroughly enjoyed this piece about the village of Dungeness in Kent, England, and the marsh it’s adjacent to, Romne…
Crooked MediaThe Minneapolis City Council voted to disband the MPD, but achieving that goal requires getting a ballot initiative in front of residents. We talk to Oluchi Omeoga, co-creator of @BlackVisionsMN. #WhatADay "It's Been A Minute, Minneapolis" out now:
BBC Wales NewsThe safety of cast and crew ‘has to be a priority’ and had ‘been a part of the discussions to restart the production’
UnHerdRT @J_Bloodworth: Jack Charlton's vanished world @UnHerd
Guido FawkesRT @TechnoGuido: The coming LinkedIn / Tik-Tok merger...
Guido FawkesRT @the_tpa: As expected, hard-pressed taxpayers will be the ones left to pick up the tab thanks to the government's shortsighted digital s…
Dai SportRT @ElTelPhillips: Mike Flynn Starts The Newport County Rebuild With Scot Bennett As Foundation via @Dai_Sport_
Dai SportRT @ElTelPhillips: "Awestruck" Jamie Clarke Thought He Was Going Home . . . Or, Maybe Not via @Dai_Sport_
BBC Wales News‘It is completely disappointing - we had hoped that people would be responsible and behave themselves’
Guido FawkesTory MPs Complaining Carlton Club Not Utilising Eat Out to Help Out


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