Dai SportRT @Steffan_Thomas1: Spoke to former @ospreys coach Allen Clarke this week about Sam Parry. Thinks he could end up as Wales’ first choice…
UnHerdThe critics never understood @jordanbpeterson. Now he's returned, will they start to listen? | @DouglasKMurray https://t.co/oAI4K1KviX
BBC Wales NewsThe people of Wales have been told to 'stay at home' for 17 days from 6pm this evening https://t.co/XmzQFqnHpK
Dai SportSnowdonia goes virtual on @S4C @S4Cchwaraeon @ywasgS4Cpress 👇 Snowdonia Marathon Becomes Relay Run . . . And Goes Virtual This Weekend https://t.co/tVGi9wyd66 via @Dai_Sport_
Dai SportRT @Graham_Thomas: Snowdonia Marathon Becomes Relay Run . . . And Goes Virtual This Weekend https://t.co/3uTBcD0YaY via @Dai_Sport_
Dai SportSnowdonia Marathon Becomes Relay Run . . . And Goes Virtual This Weekend https://t.co/tVGi9wyd66
Dai SportRT @LlanrumneyHall: An amazing result last night from @cymru @FAW_Womens !! Looks like from that game alone we’ve raised £700 already for…
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Guido FawkesThis is a classic bollocking from an editor... https://t.co/OiP5Jwh8Xq
BBC Wales NewsDemand for cosmetic surgery treatments has boomed since lockdown in March, according to new research https://t.co/qgLlsrmLBV
Business News Wales.@Springboard_UK has launched an initiative to get 10,000 young people into work in hospitality by 2022, to tackle the industry’s long-term staffing crisis #post-Covid and post-Brexit https://t.co/jNTDvD57Nd
Dai SportRT @Graham_Thomas: Gareth Bale Admits He Is Still Weeks Away From His Best . . . And Fittest https://t.co/rsAglGEU58 via @Dai_Sport_
Dai SportRT @PDC_Cymru: .@Gezzyprice arrives at the #IDO2020 in Riesa this weekend as the back to back Champion! He’s unbeaten in his last 10 matc…
UnHerdA guide, a teacher, a friend — the world needs @jordanbpeterson | @DouglasKMurray https://t.co/oAI4K1KviX
Dai SportGareth Bale Admits He Is Still Weeks Away From His Best . . . And Fittest https://t.co/bijMY0iC2A
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The EyeCurated Posts from The EYE Journal for 10/23/2020 - https://t.co/PeiWMEVWbJ
BBC Wales NewsDavid Morris's conviction for the Clydach murders should be reviewed by the Criminal Cases Review Commission, says John McDonnell https://t.co/7oF4MRsBkG
UnHerdRT @james_billot: My report on last night's debate. An anti-climactic end to an anti-climatic campaign https://t.co/ylvw2R0XlM
UnHerdRT @TomChivers: I wrote a thing a few months ago about Trump's travel ban, and said that bans didn't work. Now I'm not so sure, so I've rev…
The EyeLord Ashcroft: “If you’re voting for Trump, you keep your mouth shut.” My American election focus groups in Georgia and Ohio. https://t.co/oK5KQeul72 by @conhome
NotSoGreatDictatorRT @Tachyon100: Sex tip for young men. Some women respond quicker than others in bed. Most take longer. Take your time and be considerate…
Guido FawkesIf last night left you feeling nostalgic... https://t.co/paqTa3fEyp
Guido FawkesYou're either in front of Guido or you are behind... https://t.co/kIdIzY1817
Business News Wales.@tfwrail, @groupekeolis, and @Ameyplc announced that they have reached an agreement which will lead to the implementation of a new financing and operational model https://t.co/ayay4EpBiZ
UnHerdNorthern league football is where fans can still relate to players, and towns to their teams | @northumbriana https://t.co/6Sjzpvj3h1


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