BBC Wales NewsShows like Les Miserables and The Lion King may not return to @theCentre 'without a #Covid vaccine'
UnHerdAmerican politics is deadlocked because the same people have stuck around for decades, pickled in their contempt for each other | Daniel Kalder
UnHerd"When my cat sat on the end of the bed, perfectly still, staring at nothing, how am I to know that she wasn’t wondering intently about whether existence precedes essence?" | @questingvole
UnHerdOverconfident claims by experts can come back to bite them. Especially on issues as fraught as Covid-19. | @StuartJRitchie and @MWStory
BBC Wales News'Don't assume because we're black we're not Welsh'
UnHerdToday's American leaders are even older than the zombies who drove the USSR into the ground | Daniel Kalder
UnHerdDespite his gloomy worldview, John Gray clearly loves cats, the big softy | @questingvole
BBC Wales NewsJonathan Pryce scoops @BAFTAcymru award for portrayal of Pope Francis which saw him nominated for an Oscar
BBC Wales NewsSupermarkets have been told to close parts of their stores that sell items such as clothes and toys
Donald J. Trump“A Pennsylvania Appeals Court turns down the Trump Administrations request for Poll Watchers to monitor satellite election offices.” @OANN How terrible is this? We are just seeking a fair vote count. This can only lead to very bad things. Bad intentions much??? Disgraceful!!!
BBC Wales NewsA total of 1,777 have died in Wales and 42,681 have tested positive since the start of the pandemic
BBC Wales NewsDog rescuers braced for a range of issues related to the #coronavirus pandemic
BBC Wales NewsWhy did ministers put Wales into a firebreak lockdown?
BBC Wales NewsThe 34-year-old dislocated his shoulder in the fall
BBC Wales News'It's just so lovely, I'm being treated like royalty'
BBC Wales NewsTwo locations linked to the slave trade are now marked by high-tech history barcodes
BBC Wales NewsPlaid Cymru said it was vital the test and trace system was improved during the current lockdown
BBC Wales NewsAn animal charity is worried financial pressures from #Covid19 will impact on dog welfare
The EyeWATCH: Free school meals 1) Jenkin says that the Government will have to “think again” by @conhome
BBC Wales News'It's very, very easy to knock people who are in government, at whatever level, when things are difficult'
Dai SportRT @CMetSportTV: Great to see our content on the @Dai_Sport_ page. The more eyes on @cardiffmet athletes the better. Watch & read al ab…
BBC Wales News'The legacies of colonial slavery are all around us' New hidden slave trade links revealed by QR codes
Dai SportRT @SportInWales: The King isn't dead then - just usurped by his prince! Best thing @jakesmith_run could do is listen and learn - just as @…
UnHerdLike so many institutions, it has become colonised by politics | @niall_gooch
BBC Wales NewsOne parent described how she was unable to buy clothes for her child who had been admitted to hospital
Crooked MediaNow that the debates are over, both campaigns are working towards election night. @AlyssaMastro44 & Danielle Crutchfield (former Director of Scheduling & Advance for Obama) explore the obstacles Biden & Trump face due to COVID19, in Let's Break It Down.
Dai SportStory by @owenmogs77 Video by @CMetSportTV 👇👇👇 How Steve Jones Met Jake Smith.....With A Little Help From Dai Sport via @Dai_Sport_
BBC Wales NewsRules banning shops selling non-essential items during Wales' firebreak lockdown will not be reversed, Mark Drakeford says

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