BBC Wales NewsRT @BBCBreaking: 40,261 people have died with coronavirus in the UK The UK is only the second country to report more than 40,000 deaths…
Business News WalesFirm Helps in Production of Scrubs to Support Frontline #NHS Workers @_pinnaclegroup #Frontline
BBC Wales NewsFace masks should be worn in public areas where people cannot socially distance, a doctors' union says
Dai SportRT @CMetSportTV: GB & Archer Triathlete Issy Morris (@Morris_Issy) joins our reporter Rhiannon Burton (@RJB_Creative) to catch up on Turbo…
UnHerd"In appointing Tim Davie, a marketing man, as its new Director-General the BBC is clearly signalling it fears lean times ahead" | Robin Aitken
Dai SportRT @dsw_news: The first Insport event comes from North Wales on 12th June so don’t delay! Register now at Here is…
Dai SportRT @Graham_Thomas: Welsh Athletes Told They Won't Get Left Behind In The Big Race To The Future via @Dai_Sport_
Dai SportRT @sqwales: Don't forget to register for our player pathway webinar on Monday 8th June 2020. If you have not been emailed the registration…
Dai SportRT @WelshTriathlon: Today we are thanking the volunteer Non-executive board. Welsh Triathlon would like to take this time to recognise the…
Dai SportWelsh Athletes Told They Won’t Get Left Behind In The Big Race To The Future
Guido FawkesDepartment for Education tells Civil Servants “F*ck Tha Police”
BBC Wales News'The entire industry could collapse without the proper, extensive and long-term support that it needs'
Guido FawkesBottom fell out of their market.
UnHerdRT @RuthDE: Re Dom Cummings: "We often award scandals a level of importance that is wholly disproportionate to their actual significance...…
Guido FawkesProtesting outside house with 4 year-old inside. Proud of yourselves?
Business News WalesMONMOUTHSHIRE Help Shape the Future of #Monmouthshire’s Town and Village Centres
Guido FawkesSmall shops opening Monday, hotels end of the Month. No news on pubs.
Marina HydeRT @jonathanliew: sad when some people feel they have to play the race card
BBC Wales NewsThe @WelshGovernment will 'not rush' face mask decision, @fmWales says
UnHerdRT @Roger_Moorhouse: The (slightly ridiculous) British imitation of America  @UnHerd
Guido FawkesCaption Contest (Taking the Knee Edition)
Guido FawkesDow up +600 as employment numbers bounce back with biggest increase in payroll numbers in living memory, perhaps ever.
Donald J. TrumpIt is a stunner by any stretch of the imagination! @CNBC
Crooked MediaWe speak with @KeishaBlain, a professor of African American History at University of Pittsburgh, about how what’s happening now is an extension of the work civil rights leaders began long ago. #WhatADay "Still Marching After All These Years" out now:
UnHerdRT @epkaufm: Why Labour can't speak English @GoodwinMJ for @UnHerd
BBC Wales NewsA further four deaths with coronavirus are recorded, bringing Wales' total to 1,383
Business News WalesCaerphilly Retailer Gaea Launches Online Shop as Orders Soar @devbankwales #retail
BBC Wales NewsA woman was rescued by firefighters but died at the scene
Dai SportRT @ElTelPhillips: Cardiff Devils' Stephen Dixon Signs For Another Season via @Dai_Sport_
BBC Wales NewsThe scheme could create another 130 jobs in the supply chain


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Welsh Regions And Players Facing Massive Cuts As £60m Crisis Grips...

Wales’ leading rugby players are facing more massive pay cuts with plans for funding from the Welsh Rugby Union to the regions to be...


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