Castle Lockdowngate


Dearly beloved Sheeple

Prime ShepherdIt has come to my attention that a senior bellwether (from another flock) escaped recently from his lockdown pen along with his favourite primary ewe and a baby lamb.

He was photographed by paparazzi weasels munching on bluebells in the grounds of Barnard Castle, a local beauty spot. He now claims that he had (and still has) the tacit approval from the Prime Shepherd and that he thought (after extensive research on Google) that bluebells were a cure for the current virus from which they were suffering. He claims that at no time did he mingle with other flocks or herds in spite of the long trek (260+miles allegedly) to get there. GPS Monitoring and surveilance of his electronic eartag by the ferret police have confirmed that he even made more short trips in search of bluebells and, bizarrely, to test his eyesight!

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