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Words, words, words…

Edwin Phillips reads an explosive Guy Fawkes day Press Release from a new group to the mainstream Welsh media after it emerged that the leader of the ‘Greens’ in Wales had defected to Plaid Cymru and The Eye revealed how afterwards a prominent politician in the party had accused a critic of being an “idiot”, said one was “childish”, and following a different outburst was forced to apologise on social media for being “rude”.


These accusations are not insulting

From:  The Green Interest Team (GIT)

To:  All Regional Staff Editorial (ARSE)

We are pleased to announce that none of our senior officials have ever been in trouble.

Unlike Baroness Jenny Jones of The Greens, no GIT  has ever called a critic “childish” and another an “idiot” on Twitter.

We have never had to say sorry for being “rude”.

Knowing when to hold your tongue always helps

Unfortunately Baroness Jones of Moulsecomb is the Green Party’s only peer but did not conduct herself with decorum when she wrote:  “Idiot. I am Welsh. Are you Green?”while to a Twitter follower she declared:  “Don’t be childish…”.

We are firmly committed in our opposition to Brexit and fully behind the leadership.

Some of you may believe this stands in stark contrast to others in the environmental movement.

Being good friends with the leader is a benefit

Sadly only the troublemaking website The Eye has published this.

In January last year it was reported that Baroness Jones had split with the co-leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas, by preparing to defy her and vote for Brexit.

She apparently told Business Insider that she wanted Article 50 triggered, and would be happy to support a simple bill put forward by Theresa May paving the way for Britain to leave the EU.

The Baroness never makes a mistake

We are also firmly in favour of the ‘Trans’ community, and do not retweet contentious messages by mistake as it appears Baroness Jones did.

In March this year it was reported that she had retweeted a communication attacking gender recognition, “in error”.

The Baroness had retweeted a message that appeared to link proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act to a child abuse scandal in Telford.

Everyone has a right to be different

It seems the original message, from a ‘gender critical’ campaigner, was directed at Mhairi Black of the Scottish National Party (SNP)  – a supporter of transgender rights – and described proposals to adopt a self-identification system of gender recognition as “madness”.

A Green Party spokesperson said at the time: “Jenny didn’t appreciate the implications of the tweet and retweeted it in error. It has now been removed”.

There is no need to take to your bed over outdated fears

We understand though that Baroness Jones has previously spoken of her fears over Trans issues on Twitter.

Baroness Jones has often made news for the Greens but we as GITs will not be undertaking these kind of headline-grabbing activities.

Tomorrow – how Welsh Labour react to The Eye about reports of a split between UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. 

Check your knowledge of today’s events as revealed over the last few months on The Eye, with our brilliant interactive quiz: [viralQuiz id=1]





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