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There has been bullying at S4C

Our satirical writer Edwin Phillips reads a news release from troubled Welsh language broadcaster S4C expressing pride in its actions, after the controversial Chief Executive was summarily sacked amid bullying allegations, despite the fact that she had been in post for just two years, and another senior executive was also dismissed because of “gross misconduct”.


What has landed on S4C must be SO embarrassing!

FROM: S4C Hot Information Team (SHIT)

TO: All Regional Staff Editorial (ARSE)


It is with great pride that we announce new developments concerning our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Siân Doyle.

We have taken immediate action and sacked her.

Our decision has been completely unaffected by the fact that Ms Doyle was appointed to lead S4C only two years ago.

‘There has been a lack of governance!’

This definitive judgement was made, following an external “fact-finding” exercise into our “working environment”, although she has said there has been an “unprecedented lack of governance for a public body”.

During an investigation (carried out by the firm Capital Law) launched in May, following claims by the BECTU union of a “bullying and toxic culture”, we have gathered the views of 96 current or former staff, or employees of our partners.

There was a toxic culture at S4C

It was “clear” from evidence received that action needed to be taken to “secure change” (which we have done).

Comments from Ms Doyle underline this exacting decision, along with endorsement by her of her tenure during which there was it seems a “bullying and toxic culture”, and she has stated: “I am very proud of what S4C has achieved under my leadership”.

‘I have passion for my colleagues’

Also emphasising our speedy resolution of this matter, is the announcement from Ms Doyle herself on her appointment in 2021 – although some may feel it sits uneasily with what has happened inside S4C with her at the helm.

She has proclaimed to the media: “My passion for my colleagues and the needs of consumers has been integral to my experience over the years”.

This swift action by us, follows immediate measures we have taken after we were informed of the behaviour of another senior employee of S4C appointed by her just last year, Llinos Griffin-Williams.

Decisive action was taken

As we have publicly declared she was dismissed for “gross misconduct on multiple grounds, following receipt of serious allegations about her conduct at events following the Rugby World Cup match between Wales and Georgia”.

It has made no difference to us that she has vociferously condemned the decision – we have shown firmness.

This is all SO unfair

She has declared in the media that she was left “utterly devastated” and that it was an “unfair dismissal” when proper procedures were not followed. 

We have taken our decisive position despite the fact it is complicated by the person at the centre of allegations about Ms Griffin-Williams’ conduct, being former Welsh rugby international and present S4C pundit, Mike Phillips, and that she has refuted all of them.

Have you heard?!

In a statement she has said she “categorically denies” she made the comments that have been attributed to her, and “Mr Phillips did not make a complaint about her”.

It is regretted by us that our quick action has been criticised by Ms Griffin-Williams, who claimed that within 90 minutes of her being dismissed by the chairman of our board, Rhodri Williams, the news appeared on the nationalist website which has taxpayer support, Nation.Cymru (NC), despite a “limited number of people” knowing about it.

Rhodri Williams is esteemed

We are aware that she says this very short amount of time meant it could then “be inferred that this information was provided to the press by Mr Williams or by someone on his instruction”, and she added that there “has been a widespread smear campaign against” her.

This immediate action by the esteemed Mr Williams will undermine any claims that he must now face questions, after his CEO was dismissed when she had been in post for only two years, there was a “bullying and toxic culture” within his organisation, and that another senior employee of S4C was sacked after an alteration with one of our rugby pundits.

What happened has been shocking

It is obvious that our culture is now second to none, because we have been so decisive…


Details of our Editor, Welshman Phil Parry’s astonishing decades-long journalistic career (including his years in broadcasting, although NOT in S4C), as he was gripped by the rare and incurable neurological condition Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP), have been released in an important book ‘A GOOD STORY’. Order it now.

Regrettably publication of another book, however, was refused, because it was to have included names.