Easter eggshell shock

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Terrible wars are underway in Ukraine as well as Gaza, while in the UK a party leader is forced to resign over a serious sex allegation, but it’s nice to know that our mainstream media have their priorities right – a possible shortage of Easter eggs!

Under the front page headline: ‘CHOCCY HORROR’, The Sun ‘reported’ yesterday: “A WORDWIDE chocolate crisis is looming after the price of cocoa trebled to an all time high”.

One of our readers hid his shock with humour, saying: Sex, death and er…chocolate but not necessarily in that order”.

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Pasg Hapus/Happy Easter!


Tomorrow – a proper Easter story: how nuns telling the Pope that the Vatican turned a blind eye to their abuse, highlights the fact that throughout his 40 year career in journalism our Editor, Welshman Phil Parry, has never been afraid to take on big institutions like the Roman Catholic (RC) Church.