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Who cares about the environment?

Edwin Phillips reads an internal email from a company specialising in coal and oil to a Welsh local authority body, congratulating officials on breaking the law, and putting money into climate-damaging fossil fuel firms. 

From: Fuel in Air Regulation Temperature (FART).

To: Wales Authorities No-Knowledge (WANK).

‘It’s all wrong’

It is with great pleasure we note you are ignoring the absurd Welsh Assembly law and ploughing taxpayers money into firms like ours.



Disregard the fact that an Assembly Member (AM) told that irritating website The Eye “It’s all wrong”.

Welsh local authorities should be applauded for leading the way.

Welsh councils invested over a billion

It is a fine thing that Welsh councils are investing over £1 billion of their workers’ pensions in firms which can make money by challenging this so-called settled view over climate change.

It means nothing that the revelation came just as the world’s nations met for the 23rd annual ‘Conference Of the Parties’ (COP) in Bonn under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which aimed to “prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system”, ie halt global warming.

How ridiculous.


Fossil fuel firms can make a lot of money

We can make money that way – and you plainly agree.

Who cares about small island nations which would be swamped by rising sea levels?

Or in your case Barry Island.

The UK Government believes in money too thankfully.

Look at that superb, well-received budget by the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, last week.

As one official said in prepping him for interviews:  “They will ask ‘Has the Chancellor done enough to keep his job?”

Hammond’s ‘calculated giveaway’

Even the Prime Minister stepped in then, to say:  “Yes, of course he has!”

Another of those appalling Sunday newspaper commentators wrote:  “Philip Hammond’s calculated giveaway left many of its (Labour’s) foxes gasping for breath”.

We salute the budget, and condemn those that say it was just a sticking plaster when we are facing a future of stagnant wages for 20 years.

We also pay tribute to the fact that all you councils in Wales are ignoring those pathetic tree huggers.

Especially Friends of the Earth,, Platform and the Energy Democracy Project, who came up with the report into it all that fossil fuel business.

Fossil fuel firms are confused by London’s approach

It is in fact excellent that it shows:
• Welsh councils invested £1,027,843,384 of their pension funds in fossil fuel companies out of a total of £15,382,932,477.
• Torfaen and Dyfed local authority pension funds were among the funds with the highest percentage investment in fossil fuels.

We look in consternation that in London a huge row has blown up over the amount of money the council is investing in fossil fuel companies.

Some things just don’t seem to add up…

City Hall has apparently stepped up efforts to end its deal with us, but thankfully, it still invests almost £70million in companies that we are pleased to say drive up carbon emissions.

Unfortunately the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, last year pledged to strip back his authority’s investment in the fossil fuel industry, which until earlier this spring amounted to more than £200m.

The tree huggers think they have a point

Amid fierce pressure from those awful tree huggers, a spokesman for the mayor said a significant amount of cash invested in the industry has now been pulled.

But we welcome the fact the new data also reveals that across the UK, councils have invested a total of £16.1 billion of workers’ pensions in fossil fuels out of a total of £287.9 billion.

Keep it coming.

Keep putting money up the chimney!

Thanks to our cartoonist Wyn. 

Tomorrow – the first part of our investigation into complaints by staff at a controversial Welsh university over the millions of pounds spent in severance payments. 

Check your knowledge of today’s events as revealed on The Eye, with our brilliant interactive quiz:  


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