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Is Dai Lloyd driving into the future with his new leader?

The reaction is intriguing to the election of Welsh nationalists Plaid Cymru’s (PC) new leader Adam Price from within his own party.

In a (presumably jokey) reference, one PC Welsh Assembly Member has released a picture of himself with his fists up to Mr Price.

In a Tweet, Dai Lloyd AM, the party’s spokesperson on social care, culture and tourism, stresses he is shy and retiring to diminish the effect of the photograph, but he has also announced a caption competition for it.

Rhuanedd Richards says don’t look, listen…

His new leader is studying a portable computer so perhaps they are talking about future PC policy.

Or perhaps they are looking at plans to take back Rhuanedd Richards as Chief Executive, after she was appointed Editor of BBC Radio Cymru.

After all, she is very keen on the power of listening to words rather than just looking at a computer screen.

She wrote in the PC newspaper:  “Who was it that said the greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention?”.

Oswald Mosley – ‘a striking similarity’

Another thought is that Mr Lloyd could be complaining about Mr Price’s past scheme that the name of their party should be changed to the ‘New Wales Party’ which, as we showed, bears a striking similarity to Oswald Mosley’s ‘New Party’.

So The Eye’s idea for a possible caption might be:  ‘YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY GIVE OUR PARTY A NAME SIMILAR TO A 1930s FASCIST GROUP!’

Next week – the astonishing reaction on social media to the defection to Plaid Cymru by the leader of the Greens in Wales. 


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