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    Aled in Cardiff for the poppy appeal – the BBC ‘do make changes’

    Outraged listeners have contacted The Eye after it emerged the programme of singing star and broadcaster Aled Jones was suddenly dropped from the airwaves with BBC Radio Wales.

    New schedules are soon to be published by the BBC, after the popular Sunday programme hosted by the highly-successful personality did not appear last weekend.

    The BBC has told The Eye, they do “make changes to when programmes run”.

    The BBC ‘will update us’

    But one fan of the show told us:  “This has completely ruined my Sundays.

    “I always tuned in.”

    In the past officials have been proud to proclaim their ‘catch’ saying:  “The Anglesey-born presenter, best known for his angelic boyhood voice, is joined by guests on this musical chat show”.

    The BBC liked his ‘angelic boyhood voice’

    Now it is a very different story.

    BBC Wales has told The Eye:  The programme is actually a pre-recorded series and we do occasionally make changes to when programmes run and appear.

    “We’ll update on future scheduling in the not too distant future”.


    Top guests were attracted to Aled’s Radio Wales show

    But household names were attracted to appear on the show; including the actor Kevin Whately, who appeared in March.

    It was left to Aled Jones himself possibly, to explain his absence, tweeting that he had been ill.

    He said:  “Quick one to say thanks for all lovely comments re new album One Voice Believe today – been really sick – hopefully getting better. #sleep”

    Aled’s broadcasting career started in very different surroundings

    Yet this only serves to deepen the mystery because if this is the explanation then it is difficult to square with the official BBC response that it is a ‘pre-recorded’ programme.

    But BBC Wales has rarely been clear in its communication.

    In March we showed how our Editor, Phil Parry, had spent almost six months trying to secure an interview with the Director Rhodri Talfan Davies.

    Rhodri Talfan Davies is a hard man to get hold of

    Mr Parry was finally informed his bid was “unlikely to succeed” because we did not present a ‘communication opportunity’ after initially being told by the press officer, to “leave it with me”.

    Aled, who is a native Welsh-speaker, is viewed as a prize broadcasting asset in the media world, and has long been proud of his roots.

    Will the BBC ‘make changes’ tomorrow?

    He started his radio career at the age of 14 when he presented a slot on Radio Bronglais at Bronglais General Hospital, Aberystwyth.

    Aled later moved to Radio Ceredigion which was launched in 1992, and is now a much-loved presenter on Classic FM as well as on BBC network television.

    It will be interesting to see whether his programme appears tomorrow.

    Or perhaps Radio Wales will still want to “make changes”.



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