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Royston Jones – ‘vermin’

A retired businessman who supported the 1960s paramilitary organisation ‘Free Wales Army (FWA)’ is to launch a right-wing Welsh independence party, it has emerged.

Royston Jones – who writes a nationalist blog under the pseudonym ‘Jac o’ the North’ – has described the leader of the FWA Cayo Evans as “irrepressible” and published a picture of him toting a gun. 
[amazon_link asins=’B00197X1G8′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’thebridgegall-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’834d8665-b01f-11e7-a022-970a021471f1′]Mr Jones has called our Editor, Phil Parry, “vermin” and a “lying bastard” after we revealed how his blog was investigated by the police for ‘inciting racial hatred’.
Cayo Evans – as seen on the ‘Jac O’ the North’ blog

Another nationalist blog said we were guilty of a “twisted fantasy” after we disclosed Mr Jones’ connection with the FWA, yet he has published pictures of himself with the group, and posted the photograph of Mr Evans, pointing a gun at the camera as others look on laughing.

He now plans to create a new pro-independence party which will be discussed at an Aberystwyth hotel next month.

Dennis Coslett – another leading member of the FWA – as shown on the ‘Jac O’ the North’ blog

He has booked out a room for 50-60 people at the Belle Vue Royal Hotel, on Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth for 1pm, November 4 for the event.

On Mr Jones’ blog he sets out the party’s principles: “Anyone who thinks Wales needs another socialist party, or a bigger third sector, or more Englandandwales organisations, really has nothing to contribute”.

But his vitriolic writings have proved controversial and one reader told us:  “I feel like taking a bath after I read his stuff”.
His blog targets people he believes are not truly Welsh, and some of his victims have been given around-the-clock police protection.
North Wales Police investigated

A police investigation was launched after threats against another North Wales resident and writer, Jacques Protic, following comments about him by Mr Jones.

Mr Protic was told he should be put down “like a mad dog” and his car tyres were slashed.

One of the telephone callers to his home said: “I will do your fucking head in”.

This threatening message was on speakers and upset his 10 year old daughter who was listening.
Royston Jones does not like us…

But Mr Protic, whose home town is Chester and who now lives somewhere in North Wales, was deeply alarmed by the standard of investigation undertaken by the police which followed the published comments of Mr Jones, and he launched an official complaint.

Mr Jones had written, in the first statements about him on his blog:  ”I was hoping to avoid this, but it has to be said – Protic is a Serb” (Mr Protic’s father worked for the Yugoslavian National Bank and he left the country when he was a teenager).

Mr Jones celebrates his time supporting the FWA, and accuses The Eye of being part of the police or the Labour party, even in the context of our reports concerning police misdeeds or the actions of the Labour Welsh Government.

Royston Jones was awarded the ‘Full of Shit’ award for his comments about disabled athletes

Comments he published on his blog about disabled people also provoked controversy.

One of the lines which caused particular offence, was:  “Am I alone in thinking there’s an element of a Victorian freak show in the Paralympics?

Afterwards a post on the Republic website concluded:    ”(Royston Jones was) awarded … that week’s Full of Shit award.

“It was well merited (as this was a) primitive attitude to disabled people.”

Mr Jones has had a number of brushes with the law, as his blog has come under scrutiny.

Under attack

He has proclaimed how his initial blog was proscribed, and apart from attacking our Editor has also condemned our website.

He has written:  “My first blog was closed down … 

“My current hosting arrangement makes it more difficult for such pressure to be applied.

“Which is why I’m wondering if WalesEye (our former name) is allowing itself to be used as a cat’s-paw by more sinister elements hoping to close down dissenting voices”.

Royston Jones stands out

Even so Mr Jones does have his supporters while The Eye stands accused of being  “un-Welsh”.

A writer on the blog Y Cneifwr said:

“It (The Eyeset out with the aim of being a sort of Welsh Private Eye, combining satire with investigative journalism, but there has always been something deeply puzzling and rather un-Welsh about it from the start.

You hope Royston Jones will never turn up

“I like Jac.

“To me, and I suspect some other Welsh bloggers, Jac is the black sheep uncle your mother and aunts hope won’t show up at the wedding, but you know he will liven things up.”

Now Mr Jones will liven things up by proposing a new Welsh independence party which will replace cross-border bodies with Welsh ones, and give priority to people from Wales on matters such as housing.

Will there be border patrols along Offa’s Dyke?

He has said:  “I would like to see a party that can ruthlessly expose the shortcomings of the parties currently ruining Wales while coming up with constructive ideas for making Wales a better place for our people”.

Being ruthless should come easily to Mr Jones.

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    • Jac is also scared. He challenged me to tell him what I objected to in his repugnant posts. He indicated that he was big and hard, and could take it.

      I took him a this word.He responded with both verbal sadism and babyish playing the victim and going into meltdown, as if I had been gratuitously picking on the poor thing. ”Please leave me alone!”, he pleaded pathetically.

      He is not tough. He is a bully and a coward.

      Jac is apparently a monoglot English speaker. I passionately support Welsh culture and language, and I have bothered to learn the language. I would also stand up for all oppressed people including those who are disabled.

      Jac doesn’t want justice and equality. He wants to push other people around. He is a worse enemy to Welsh language and culture than Rod Liddle. He is making us loo ridiculous and obnoxious. He apparently knows and cares nothing about Welsh culture and literature, and is too lazy to go to classes. The only culture he’s seen is at the bottom of a pirex dish.

  1. The idea that the writer is just the messenger (devil’s disciple George Osborne recently said “I’m just a journalist now” Yeah, right!) is no longer good enough. In fact, it’s a cunning deceit and always was.
    We don’t read “bona-fide” media to get “bona-fide” messages any more because we are sceptical and savvy enough to know that so many of them are hopelessly compromised in what they publish and broadcast by their increasing financial vulnerability and consequent dependence on money and political backing from government sources (Western Mail is largely uncritical of Welsh government and is very obviously written from a centre-left perspective which is mainly in harmony with Welsh Labour).
    I, too, have been insulted by the very angry-looking Mr Jones and his closest ally – I was warned not to post on his blog again after I pointed out that his stance reminded me of 1930s Germany. Bloggers always have the power to decide what they do and do not publish so they can always impose their own censorship and similarly politicians and others who have a Twitter account and complain of angry trolls threatening them can “ban” or “bar” these people or report them to police.
    I am unequivocal about one point, though – I would not want to have blogs written by someone who is at least honest about his political standpoint, however abhorrent, abolished or removed from the internet (on the contrary, I want them protected and preserved unless very serious and real threats to kill are made. Which is why I asked about your claim of “round the clock police protection”)
    Let us never return to a time when only “bona-fide” media written and presented by “messengers” who never disclosed their own political leanings, prejudices and motivations and who never meaningfully engaged with readers on a level footing was our only choice.

  2. The man and the knuckle draggers that follow him are fascistic ethnic nationalists end of and don’t really deserve the air of publicity except to say that wales has an alarmingly high number far right supremacists who have convinced themselves they have oppressed status so think its okay to demonise ordinary people like retirees from English cities who’ve moved within their own nation state.


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