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The Eye satirical writer Edwin Phillips names the winners of our caption competition for this picture of Prince Charles meeting senior Swansea University staff including Marc Clement, Dean of their controversial School of Management, at the opening of the contentious bay campus, after The Eye revealed a past worker, Stephen Chan, had been jailed in the US for a huge fraud.  
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No prizes, just the knowledge that you have stuck it to the man! 
(1)  Mrs I Jones from Tonypandy:  Clement to Prince Charles – “You look ideal material for a degree in failed marriages!”  (In November 2010, a TV current affairs series claimed that Fazley Yaakob, a pop star and head of Fazley International College, a University of Wales {UoW} partner in Malaysia, held bogus degrees when Marc Clement was in charge of UoW). 
(2)  Mr Rees from Wrexham:  Clement to Prince Charles – “I have an idea for a scholarship scheme with your name on it! (In 2011 the Welsh Government’s Welsh European Funding Office {WEFO} withdrew financial backing from the Prince of Wales Innovation Scholarship {POWIS}).
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(3)  Mr W Roberts from Pwllheli:  Prince Charles to Clement – “I say, I remember you, there was that scholarship thing i gave my blessing to wasn’t there?  Didn’t my advisors say there was some comeback? (the internal inquiry report into POWIS said:  ‘… there is a need to improve corporate governance procedures…’).
(4)  Mrs N Shardlow from Monmouth:  Prince Charles to Clement – “I’VE TOLD YOU BEFORE, I AM NOT OPENING ANY MORE OF THOSE FUCKING TECHNIUMS” (The Techniums were a brain-child of Professor Clement’s, but they had extremely poor occupancy rates and six were scrapped altogether.  The Pembrokeshire Technium became known as ‘Emptium’ and the Llanelli site as ‘Desertium’).


But the winner is Mrs T Ellis from Pembrokeshire, with Prince Charles to Clement:  “I can get mummy to send you something with her head on it, so I can get a PHD”.  (Rumours within Swansea University persist that fraudster Stephen Chan was fast-tracked to a PHD).

On Tuesday more disturbing revelations about Chan who worked at Swansea University.

Apart from events at Swansea, how up to speed are you with today’s issues?  

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