Coronavirus. Bring out your dead!

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Dearly beloved Sheeple

Pandemics are NOT funny! They are devastating. They wipeout whole populations. The Black Death, measles, syphilis, flu, SARS, ebola and now coronavirus. You have been warned. So how can we survive or be protected? The short answer is you can’t.

Hats off to Dominic

These ‘black swan‘ events have been predicted and warned about all too often. Pandemic panic is the prime motivation behind Dominic Cummings single minded obsession with BREXIT. BREXIT DAY is taking back control of UK borders. The notso secret reason for this is to prevent a coronavirus or flu pandemic. It’s not to limit immigration as most people believe or voted for. Whether it will work or not is dependent on whether the virus has been weaponised by dark forces or if it mutates to an airborne form which can be carried in the wind like flu.

Bellwether Prediction

I predict you won’t be seeing China’s Xi Jinping,  UK PM Boris Johnston, US President Donald Trump or any other leader in a public space for the next year or so or even ever again!

What should I do?

  • Invest in BigPharma shares. Sell cruise liner and air travel firm shares
  • Keep your BREXIT store and BREEZER stocked up
  • Become a prepper and join a local militia
  • Get religion and PRAY!