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Controversial Welsh rugby legend Jonathan Davies has caused outrage by insulting a prominent politician and characteristically using abusive language, it has emerged.

Chris Bryant MP – a ‘knob’

He used Twitter to brand Rhondda MP Chris Bryant “knob” for asking about childcare during today’s highly-unusual debate in the commons on the ‘deal’ with the European Union (EU).

The extraordinary news comes hard on the heels of Mr Davies dubbing a critic an “attention seeking nobody”, a “sad pathetic waste of time” and ‘hashtagging’ the words “absolute bell end”.

Jonathan Davies was not happy…

He also said Mr Bryant was “not in touch with reality” with his question in the Houses of Parliament.

Mr Davies (whose nickname is ‘Jiffy’) represented Wales in rugby league as well as union and has been described as the greatest player of his generation.

He is now a leading commentator on The BBC.

Jonathan Davies – ‘pathetic’

In the past his fury had been directed at journalist Marcus Stead who had criticised what he views as the Welsh establishment.

But someone who has seen the Tweets told us:  I find it amazing that Jonathan Davies can stoop to this schoolyard type of internet argument.

“It appears he (Mr Davies) does not take criticism lightly.

A man with a position who ‘does not take criticism lightly’

“If I was in his position I would never respond to baiting.”

Today’s news about Mr Davies’ astonishing outburst concerning Mr Bryant is likely only to confirm his contentious image when he has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

One of his detractors said in a Tweet that Mr Davies was “tedious”, that he should be removed from The BBC rugby league team, and that he “ruins” the game.

Jonathan Davies was a great player but is controversial now

Another pleaded that he should “shut up”.

The Daily Express reported:  When they (France) scored (a) try, Wales hero Davies erupted on the BBC’s commentary, much to the frustration of fans at home.

“One fan wrote on Twitter: ‘Jonathan Davies for once can you please contain yourself during a Welsh game?

‘When you’re commentating for the BBC you’re being paid to commentate not to be a fan…..

His television commentary attracts criticism

‘I know it’s very hard for you to do your job professionally but please try. #6nations2019’.

Another added: ‘When oh when will the BBC retire Jonathan Davies?!?!

‘I’m sick to death of his whiney “Wales are brilliant”, everyone else are lucky commentary’.

‘Mute the sound’

‘So the secret to watching rugby on the BBC is to mute the sound and listen to 5Live on your DAB radio, no Jonathan Davies! #6nations2019,’ another added.

Another wrote: ‘Good to see Jonathan Davies has got on top of his beyond biased commentary….. #SixNations2019.’”

His microphone style has prompted huge disapproval on social media after he commented on live television before an international rugby game by saying the referee was French so “anything could happen”.

Yet Mr Davies’ adversary has also caused scandal.

Mr Bryant, MP, prompted unfortunate newspaper stories when he posted a picture of himself in his underpants on a gay contact website and said he was “horny as buggery”.

Between them Mr Bryant and Mr Davies have seen more than their fair share of regrettable headlines it seems…


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