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Is it all a ‘freak show’ as Royston Jones would say?

Edwin Phillips reads a Press Release to the mainstream media from controversial new Welsh independence party ‘Ein Gwlad’ (Our Country) after revelations on The Eye it was backed by a right wing pensioner who celebrated his links with a 1960s paramilitary group, posted on his contentious blog ‘Jac o’ the North’ a picture of its leader pointing a pistol at the camera, promoted social housing only for people from Wales, and called Paralympics a ‘freak show’.


In the 1960s extreme nationalist marches could have an effect

FROM:  Department of Information Correct Knowledge (DICK) at EIN GWLAD (to alien non-Welsh people ‘Our Country‘)

To:  All Regional Staff Editorial (ARSE)

You and your colleagues in the mainstream media are hereby invited to cover a march in support of the new Welsh independence party Ein Gwlad that we expect to be well-attended by at least three people.

The ‘Full of Shit’ award was regrettable

This invitation is not extended to journalists on the so-called investigative website The Eye who have raised a number of unfortunate facts.

These include details of our key backer, Royston Jones, saying on his fine blog ‘Jac o’ the North’: “Am I alone in thinking there’s an element of a Victorian freak show in the Paralympics?”.

We applaud the fact that Mr Jones was given an award by the ‘Republic’ website for this comment.

Regrettably it was the ‘Full of Shit Award’.

In making the award, the citation from Republic read: 

Royston Jones’ writing is acknowledged…

Members of the mainstream media are urged to ignore certain other information on The Eye. 

As an organisation we respect your hard-hitting journalism which we feel sure will closely examine our background.

Old soldiers never die

Experience comes with the average age of 108 of our supporters and they are therefore right to criticise The Eye for bringing up minor details like Mr Jones promoting social housing ONLY for the Welsh.

Another party supporter in the large (of more than a dozen) extreme nationalist community importantly described this writing in a tweet as ‘boring’.

We ‘liked’ another abusive reply on Twitter to The Eye which correctly called these purported ‘facts’ “crap”.

One of many who did not like The Eye story

Indeed you in the mainstream media should know that supporters of Ein Gwlad inundated The Eye and its appalling Editor Phil Parry, noting their dislike of this awful style of supposed reporting.

It should be of no consequence whatsoever to you that on Mr Jones’ extremely important blog, he has celebrated his support for the 1960s organisation Free Wales Army, and posted a photograph of the group’s esteemed leader Cayo Evans, pointing a gun at the camera.

Cayo Evans with gun – as seen on the ‘Jac o’ the North’ blog

It is evident though that this was a time of great happiness because in his picture others look on laughing as Mr Evans holds the pistol.

To everyone it may seem that our intentions are clear because Mr Jones has praised Mr Evans on his blog as a “friend” and “comrade”.

Ein Gwlad values the support of Mr Jones and the particular style of his verbal attacks on those who criticise these crucial views on ‘Jac o’ the North’, which he correctly describes as offering a ‘right of centre nationalist perspective’.

Ein Gwlad has huge support

Our party has only taken nine months to be launched, and this has been alluded to by Mr Jones, who wrote on ‘Jac o’ the North’ on November 19:  “The meeting yesterday went very, very well. I was delighted with the turnout and with the enthusiasm shown…perhaps the one disappointment – given the interest he’s shown in the new party – was that Phil Parry of The Eye wasn’t there. You could have had a scoop, Parry – ‘Shock! Horror! irritating little git thrown out of meeting”.

Certain people are not welcome

Three days later he underlined this point that certain people were not welcome by saying: “Following Phil Parry’s latest attack on me I asked for the right to reply (The Eye claimed there has been no such request), but he hasn’t responded.  I’d prefer to ignore the irritating little git but he is now making serious and misleading allegations that have to be answered”.

Despite the allegedly factual revelations, it became clear that Mr Jones was troubled by this absurd intervention from The Eye , and he wrote on his blog:  He (another critic of the plan) used the lies peddled by Phil Parry on The Eye”.
Is Phil Parry a liar?

At Ein Gwlad we totally endorse the necessity for using this kind of language, as has been done in the past.

More than three years ago Mr Jones justifiably called Mr Parry “a lying bastard” and dubbed him “vermin”.

The so-called delay in launching the party only happened anyway because many of our supporters must have a rest in the afternoon following lunch (or ‘cinio’ as it is known to those who speak the language of heaven).

Hotel – ‘concerns’

We correctly identified an Aberystwyth hotel for our first meeting, but unfortunately they cancelled the booking after another disgraceful ‘revelation’ on The Eye.

Absurdly hotel officials said they had “concerns”.

As one comrade said on the young person’s communication tool known as the internet: “When the day for the official launch arrives, we’ll be fully kitted and armed”.

Being fully-kitted is so grown up

Another of our supporters said before collecting his pension in November:  “Jac o’ the North says that following a successful first meeting the details of a new Welsh political party should be revealed in March 2018 once they are ironed out”.

They have now been ironed out – and it is only September.

Tomorrow – more disturbing revelations made exclusively by The Eye about the ‘chaos’ inside a Welsh university which staff say has ‘nose dived’ in the latest rankings amid disclosures this information too has not been mentioned by the mainstream media. 


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