Rifles (or needles) at dawn?

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Boyd holds up the importance of everyone having access

Boyd Clack hears the compelling argument of the National Heroin Association (NHA) for easy access to something which can kill you. 

Regarding the recent spate of heroin-induced deaths in the United States of America, President Trump (who we know is politically and financially backed by the NHA, so knows the other side of the argument) has said that rather than indicating the need for stronger anti-heroin legislation making the drug harder to come by, these deaths show that if the drug was in fact easier to come by there would be far fewer such deaths.

People have got it all wrong

His and the NHA’s argument is that if everyone was already addicted to heroin they would have built up a tolerance and death by overdose would be far rarer.

They think that rather than putting controls on the sale of the drug, it should remain available for anyone to buy in supermarkets, heroin shops and by mail order.

In the wrong hands anything can be dangerous

Schoolchildren should be introduced to it as young as possible.

The NHA already publishes photographs of young boys fixing up with their fathers while smiling at the camera to illustrate the point.

There will always be bad batches of the opiate as long as some people, such as criminals, the mentally ill, and those people without money, seek it on the black market, so others should not have foolish and unfair restrictions put on their access to it.

Guns and heroin – it all makes sense now…

A lot of people on the ironically called ‘liberal‘ side of the political divide, argue that heroin should be made harder to buy but they find it difficult to reconcile this with the sacred American constitution, written over two centuries ago which guarantees Americans the inalienable rights to ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of HAPPINESS‘.

Nothing makes people happier than heroin right?!

Though I disagree with the mass availability of dangerous drugs I find the argument a compelling one.


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