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After explaining why gambling is a mug’s game, here our columnist Boyd Clack explores the controversial background to the far right, as the English Defence League founder, Tommy Robinson, admits contempt of court and whose supporters, including the Welsh Defence League, were filmed giving Nazi salutes and holding anti-Islam banners.

Fanatical, deluded murderers

I’m sure you all know about Hitler’s SS. They were his private army of Nordic warriors who fought for him personally. They were fanatical, deluded murderers.

Well, there was the also the SA or Brownshirts, as opposed to the SS Blackshirts. These were Hitler’s personal bodyguard in the earlier part of his rise to power who were essentially criminal thugs trawled from the prisons and slums.

Ernst Rohm with other thugs

They were street brawlers who specialised in disrupting opponents meetings with violence and in beating up Jews and socialists in the streets. They set fire to old men’s beards, raped young girls, pulled old women along by their hair etc.

They were scum and as soon as Adolf Hitler started to rise in the political system he realised that:  A. They weren’t a good face to show to the world press and B. Their leader, Adolph’s old friend Ernst Rhom, had aspirations to higher office himself.  So under the command of the psychotic chicken farmer Himmler, the leader of the SS, Rhom and several hundred, maybe thousands, of the SA were murdered in one night as they were holding a drunken orgy in a lakeside villa.

Hitler murdered supporters in a drunken orgy

This became known as The Night of the Long Knives.

Anyway, as time went on, Hitler rewrote history and the SA were rehabilitated to be portrayed as a faithful group of brave men who fought against the party’s enemies with courage.

During a street brawl years before, a moronic thug named Horst Wessel was killed. The Nazis twisted his seedy and deserved death into an act of infamy by the opposition and a ‘patriotic’ song was written about the incident.

Horst Wessel became a martyr

The Horst Wessel song became the unofficial anthem of the German Army. It is not uncommon for fascist political parties and supporters to elevate a piece of trash into a shining example of martyrdom.

To believe the lie in the face of a mountain of truth shows the unquestioning belief in anything the supporters are fed, and these people are the core of mindless bigots which fascism relies upon.

Sign up to this ridiculous and obscene disfigurement of the truth and you will be embraced by the strong, defended against the unbelievers with extreme physical force.



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