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Royston Jones – ‘a lying bastard’

An elderly right wing blogger establishing a Welsh independence party, but who was forced to find a new venue after The Eye exposed his support for a 1960s paramilitary organisation, is so worried about infiltrators he is demanding background checks by potential supporters, it has emerged.



Royston Jones, has posted a picture on his blog, ‘Jac o’ the North’, of the Free Wales Army (FWA) leader toting a gun, and described our Editor Phil Parry as a “lying bastard”, despite the fact that in 23 years at the BBC he has won numerous awards for his journalism.

He wrote:  “Parry is the kind of ‘journalist’ that gets the profession a bad name”.

Our Editor’s journalism has come under attack

Mr Jones has accused us of being part of the Labour party and the police, even though many of our reports have focused on the misdeeds of the Welsh Government controlled by Labour, or ill-judged inquiries by the police.

Now he has told those who want to come to his meeting in Aberystwyth that he must take “precautions”, and demanded people who have contacted him explain their background.

Award-winning journalism from Phil Parry

The Eye scuppered the original plans by Mr Jones to start his new party, after we revealed his links to the FWA and how he had posted the picture of Cayo Evans pointing a pistol at the camera as others looked on laughing.

The first hotel where he had planned to launch the party cancelled his reservation for a large room, following our disclosure.

Mr Jones had booked a room for 50 – 60 people at the Belle Vue Royal Hotel, on Marine Terrace in Aberystwyth, for the event.

But the hotel was so worried it returned the money.

Officials said they had “… concerns (and) we have cancelled your meeting room with full refund of payment”.

Hotel – ‘concerns’

He then advertised on his blog a new venue for four days time, with the words: I am delighted to announce that a meeting has been arranged for November 18th in Aberystwyth to discuss the formation of a new political party to defend Wales’ interests”. 

Apart from calling our Editor “a lying bastard”, he also dubbed Mr Parry “vermin” after we disclosed the details of his past.

Mr Jones said on the ‘Jac o’ the North’ blog:  “That lying bastard Phil Parry never misses an opportunity to twist or invent ‘facts’”.

Cayo Evans with gun – as seen on the ‘Jac o’ the North’ blog

He seems to object to the fact that we have reported how he described Cayo Evans, as a “comrade” as well as “friend”.

Yet the ‘inventions’ we have reported, were from Mr Jones’ own blog – including the picture of Cayo Evans holding a gun.


Dennis Coslett – as seen on the ‘Jac o’ the North’ blog

The FWA was a paramilitary Welsh nationalist organisation, formed at Lampeter, Ceredigion, in 1963.

Its objective was to establish an independent Welsh republic.

It has been reported that the Official IRA (OIRA) had given or sold most of its weapons to the FWA as part of its turn away from political violence, in the 1960s.

Meanwhile, Mr Jones’ vitriolic writings on his blog have proved controversial, and one reader told us:  “I feel like taking a bath after I read his stuff”.

Extreme Welsh nationalism was feared by political leaders in the 1960s

‘Jac o’ the North’ targets people he believes are not truly Welsh – we have been contacted by the police investigating the blog, and some of his victims have been given around-the-clock protection.

One commentator opposed to Mr Jones, Jacques Protic, was told after publication on ‘Jac o’ the North’ that he should be put down “like a mad dog” and his car tyres were slashed.
One of the telephone callers to his home said: “I will do your fucking head in”.
Chester – Jacques Protic’s home town

This threatening message was on speakers and upset his 10 year old daughter who was listening.

Yet Mr Protic, whose home town is Chester but who now lives somewhere in North Wales, was deeply alarmed by the standard of investigation undertaken by the police, which followed the published comments, and he launched an official complaint.
The police investigated

Mr Jones had written, in the first statements about him on his blog:  ”I was hoping to avoid this, but it has to be said – Protic is a Serb” (Mr Protic’s father worked for the Yugoslavian National Bank and he left the country when he was a teenager).

Yet it seems Mr Jones cannot avoid doing background checks on his own supporters. 
Thanks to our cartoonist Wyn.
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  1. I can’t help but note that in the glowing curriculum vitae that Mr Parry posts about himself he does not put dates against the several accolades and awards he has received. Could there be a reason? I suspect all this occurred many years ago. Indeed I have a hunch that Mr Parry is a flush long busted. I passed my ‘O’ Levels (with flying colours) over forty years ago but I wouldn’t dream of still using them for kudos. I prefer to live in the present, not the distant past.

    The latest (fourth in just a month) article about the “pensioner from North Wales with former paramilitary connections” was proudly promoted on Mr Parry’s website. What can these startling new revelations be, I thought? With bated breath I clicked on the link to the just published article. What a let down. A third reincarnation of the original with just the “news” that “background checks” are being undertaken in advance of the Aberystwyth meeting the coming weekend. A competent journalist would of course check this statement before publication with the person written about. Have you, Phil? Frankly, it reminded me of a poor shag – much anticipated, only to discover your partner, who had talked up the event with innuendo and much promise, was actually a shrinking violet in the sheets and had nothing new to bring to the party.

    Come on, Phil! Is that the best you’ve got? I shall seriously have to think about taking up bowls or even watching paint dry, both activities infinitely more exciting than the drivel you are regurgitating ad nauseam. I can only assume you are obsessing about Jac o’ the North to boost the hits on your website. Looking at the hits you get it’s clear to me that you are struggling big time. Yet play a story about Jac and you are getting figures you must have been dreaming about. Are you paying Jac a percentage? Because you bloody well should be.


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