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Anna Brees likes to use Twitter to declare her theories but can’t now say them on YouTube

A former BBC and ITV broadcaster in Wales who now peddles conspiracy theories and has appeared as a ‘media commentator’ on the controversial Russian TV station RT, has been removed from a social media platform saying “the voice of the people” has been deleted, The Eye can reveal.

The ‘media channel’ of Anna Brees who compares herself with David Icke who claims the earth has been hijacked by an inter-dimensional race of reptilian beings, was taken down from YouTube on Christmas Day.

But Ms Brees is no stranger to controversy.

She walked out of an event where she was due to be a guest speaker after discovering it was funded by RT (Russia Today) yet she had herself appeared on one of the contentious channel’s shows a few months before, and has been condemned for showing “blatant double standards”.

Anna Brees on RT – ‘I was a very good presenter’

One senior journalist said of Ms Brees: “This is rank hypocrisy”.

Another told us:  “Every journalist worth his or her salt knows that RT is funded by the Russian state.  It is blatant double standards. How can we believe anything she ever says again?!”.

She was due to appear as a speaker at the event ‘Imperialism on Trial – Free Julian Assange’ in London and interviewed fellow speaker, the famous veteran journalist, Peter Oborne for her YouTube channel which has now been removed by officials, yet she left soon after discovering the event was funded by RT.

Peter Oborne being interviewed by Anna Brees for her now-deleted YouTube channel

Ms Brees, who lives in Penarth runs a ‘media training business’, and has proclaimed on the internet: “I was a very good presenter” but says she also wants “good investigative journalism”.

Yet she trains corporations in Public Relations (PR) showing them how they can by-pass the media because, as she put it on RT “the onus lies on us… to decide what information to trust… because I have built up a lot of trust (and people come to me saying) ‘you have integrity’ (but now there is) information chaos”.

Ms Brees has announced on the internet that her journalism is “important” and that she tries to “help people navigate out of this mess (the Covid-19 lockdown).

But it may not be helping people by showing them bad language on social media, and saying (or repeating) on Twitter as she has done: “You can stick your new world order up your arse… Cheered me up this Sunday evening…” with a laughing smiley face used after the comment.

Belarus – RT (Russia Today) was given preferential treatment by police

Meanwhile on ‘’ it states:   “Anna Brees worked as a journalist in regional TV newsrooms for 11 years. In her book ‘Making the News’ she talks in detail about that experience”.

Ms Brees is also keen for members of the public to give her money, and on a fund-raising platform she said she was “creating Investigative Journalism” and “My mission is to protect children, hold the media to account, and expose corruption. Every penny you donate here, will be spent on that”.

But Anna Brees walked out before speaking even though she had appeared on RT (Russia Today) before

Her walk out came despite the fact that she had earlier appeared on an RT discussion show headlined:  “Renegade Inc:  Corporate Media Bust Your Trust”.

The YouTube transmission of the programme clearly stated:  “RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government”.

On the programme she responded to the question:  “As a former BBC lifer… do you recognise… (accusations about)… the patronising aspect and patronising nature of the mainstream media?” by saying “it’s very rare that we get any ‘exclusives’ from the (mainstream) media …journalists can be very patronising (but) I WASN”T patronising”.

Anna Brees talking to George Bruno on the internet about her mission to create a trusted new media brand in May

And that “a lot of journalists out there at the moment … feel they are not representing the public and the news they are producing is … fed by communications departments.

“I really would like to see these institutions like the BBC listen a bit more to the public …the public are getting very angry …they need to listen more”.

Ms Brees was at ITV for many years and latterly on the BBC Cymru Wales (BBC CW) consumer affairs programme X-Ray, but after having a child she has said on another programme headlined ‘BBC journalist exposes the dark side’ that executives “begged me to go back”.

Anna Brees compared herself to conspiracy theorist David Icke

The man she compared herself to, Mr Icke, has warned that the Archons (or Anunnaki) have taken over the world, and that a genetically modified human–Archon hybrid race of shape-shifting reptilians known as the Babylonian Brotherhood, the Illuminati, or the ‘elite’, manipulate global events to help keep humans in constant fear.

The channel Ms Brees appeared on, RT (Russia Today), has been accused of being a mouthpiece for Vladimir Putin.

Anna Brees – ‘they begged me to go back to television’

The Economist reported:  “It was the cables that gave them away. As foreign and local journalists in Belarus scrambled to report on the latest crackdown on peaceful protesters, one film crew was always in prime position. Its members were untouched whenever police hounded other journalists, stripping them of their accreditation and deporting them. The camera cables that stretched past several unmarked police minibuses led to the source of their protection: a white and green van belonging to Russia Today”.

The RT (Russia Today) host on the programme where Ms Brees was a guest stated that there were:  “a bunch of journalists (who) suffer from ‘group-think’”.

But comments like these from Ms Brees will not now be on YouTube after her account was taken down.

Even if she does think “the voice of the people” was deleted…


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