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Boyd Clack emigrated to Australia and it was like a dream

I emigrated to Australia in 1971.

I was twenty years old and it was like a dream.

There was a sort of church-type building up the road from where I lived in Sydney with a rather beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary near its front entrance. I mentioned it to a bloke I was working with and he told me the church was full of kiddie-fiddlers, not just THAT building but the whole network of a so-called Christian organisation.

‘Everybody’ knew what was going on

He said that he and many of his friends had been sexually abused by teacher/priests. He said that everybody in Australia knew what was going on – that this organisation was synonymous with child sexual abuse but no one ever confronted them.

I asked why not and he said: “Because they didn’t want to offend the Catholic church”.

It had become literally unspeakable.

Children have been betrayed says Boyd

Daesh sexually abuse children, the Catholic church in America, Ireland and many, possibly every other country they exist in do so too. Not just them either.  It seems that humankind has a devil in its soul that feeds on the defilement of innocence.

Think of all the children killed by American bombs all over the world during the last century, not just the Americans either.

Humans are capable of great kindness

War murders, disfigures and orphans millions of children worldwide and there is no abuse greater than murder.  We as a race have betrayed our duty to children wantonly and shamefully – individual children and children en masse.

How anyone can believe that our species is ‘special’ or blessed in anyway, is beyond me.

Individual humans can be wonderful, grouped together we can be wonderful, but there is and has been far too much evil carried out by us in our sorry history to be forgiven.

Humans have evolved but will one day die out

We like all other species will die out one day either by our own folly or in the course of natural selection and our reign on earth will be consigned to the rubbish bin of eternity where it belongs. Whether we like it or not we are an aberration.

The entire period of our existence on earth is no more than the blink of an eye in infinite existence. We are Ozymandias. Our arrogance and self importance is pathetic – ‘Look upon my works ye mighty and despair’.

Evil is human made

I realise that what I am saying is not a commonly-held opinion but it seems as clear as an azure sky in spring to me.

God damn all those who abuse our little ones. They are not only evil but they are consciously evil.

Evil is our creation.

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