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Boyd knows what will happen

Our columnist Boyd Clack offers his view of what may really happen after Donald Trump’s first address to the United Nations (UN) where he said the US could “totally destroy” North Korea. 

Trump’s speech to the UN was the most horrifying thing I have ever heard. The Old Testament language was straight out of the Manual for Would be Mass Murderers.
He looked as crazy as a man could possibly look.

The cowardice of the other representatives in not challenging this grade ‘A’ loony was disgraceful. The one thing he is right about is that the UN is a sick joke.

Let me make it clear what the Republican Party’s plan is.

They won’t attack North Korea because North Korea has nuclear weapons i.e. it can defend itself. They will distort the facts about the Iran nuclear deal which everybody accepts is achieving its aim and renege on it.

Donald Trump – ‘Old Testament’

This will be an unambiguous statement to Iran that America intends to attack it so Iran, seeing from the North Korea scenario that having nuclear weapons is indeed the only way to prevent a military attack by America will speed up its at present dormant nuclear programme thus giving America the chance to go to the cowering, subservient UN and say ‘Look!! They are back to their old ways!!‘ and use that as a reason to attack them.

If only this could be true!

They won’t send soldiers because they might get hurt so they’ll just bomb Iran for months on end destroying the country’s infastructure and its beautiful ancient cities and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians claiming they didn’t do it on purpose but these things happen in war, and anyway the Iranian armed forces (the Republican Guard!! Horror! Shudder!!!) are hiding in populated areas.

After months of this mass murder Iran will be reduced to rubble and the Yanks will move in on the ground to kill people closer up. They will fill the prisons with people whose only crime is resisting a monstrous and probably illegal invasion of their country, an invasion that has slaughtered men, women and children without regard.

What will an attack mean?

After they finish the slaughter the Americans will install a puppet President, probably a billionaire personal business colleague of Trump’s, to organise the theft of Iran’s oil industry. This will be overseen by Rex Tillerson (Secretary of State) ex-head of America’s biggest oil company (ExxonMobil). Indeed Tillerson may be the puppet President.

Iran will be a wasteland, supplying oil and wealth to Trump and his friends in the amoral gang of criminals known as the Republican Party. This will be done soon because Trump’s immediate aim is to reverse his decline in the polls before the mid-term elections next year. If not it will be just before the next Presidential election two years after that.

Rex Tillerson means business

This ‘starting-a-war’ is a well-used tactic by unpopular political parties the world over but a particularly predictable one in the American arena. The American people will support war, they always do because it unites them, they hear the beating of the drum and see the flashing of steel and forget right and wrong, they believe themselves to be inherently good and therefore their war to be inherently just, sanctified by their Churches, and blessed by God himself.

There are other reasons for war

This will get Trump back in power, the Democrats are as useless, as cowardly, as impotent as the UN. They will do what Trump wants them to do. They’ll be too afraid not to.

After this Trump will go on to attack Venezuela.

It is possible that I’ve got these two connived wars in the wrong order I confess. It may be more convenient to destroy Venezuela first then go for Iran later. Venezuela is a basket case with a tin pot army so …. yes, maybe ….

You notice, of course, that the two countries Trump has singled out as evil, and asking for it, both have huge oil reserves (two of the largest oil reserves on the planet actually).

Now the spectre of appeasement has been brought up

It is so obvious what he’s up to isn’t it?

Of late our politicians have been bringing up the spectre of the appeasement of the Nazis prior to World War Two, likening it to our approach to North Korea but the truth is that this inaction, this appeasement, is totally evident in our closing our eyes to the blatant, almost flamboyant, war-mongering by America.

The world is sleepwalking into a new dark age and no-one is going to do anything about it.

Has it come to this for our planet?

Our craven leaders will support the murders, and side with the devils and with darkness.

What a disgusting state our little spinning lump of verdant and beautiful rock has allowed itself to fall into.

‘Picked up the news on Station 666
The kids are fixing Holy Water now to get their kicks
Obscene hallucinations are becoming commonplace
Voices in the darkness, Demon face chanting
This is what you wanted. This is what you’ve got.
It makes me laugh to see you cry but now it’s got to STOP!!”
Dark Times will come.
Not just for you and me baby but for everyone
Dark Times will come
And there’ll be no place left to run.
(The Lemmings) 1978

Out of the mouths …. !

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