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A police mugshot of Howard Williams/James Daniels when he was jailed after The Eye exposed him

Major questions have been asked of controversial South Wales Police (SWP), about a jailed South Wales conman exclusively exposed by The Eye, who had his legs broken when a drugs deal soured and tricked innocent people out of thousands of pounds, but there has been no answer.

Howard Williams (who changed his name to James Daniels and has ‘run’ cafés or take-aways in South Wales as well as Spain, and has posed as an estate agent), was sentenced at Merthyr Crown Court for serious drug offences.
Jail for Williams/Daniels – but for how much longer?

In announcing his latest brush with the law (there have been several), SWP said on Facebook (FB): Two men behind multiple cannabis factories worth up to 600k have been put behind bars”.

The police news release continued:

“Back in November 2022, we searched an address in #Porth after being made aware of suspicious activity. The search yielded a well-established cannabis factory.

The police acted after The Eye had exposed Williams/Daniels

“Following an investigation carried out by the Mid Glamorgan Organised Crime Unit, six large-scale cannabis factories were linked to two men.

“On Wednesday, Ashley Carter, aged 35 from #Rhondda, and Howard Williams, aged 46 from #Cardiff, were sentenced at Merthyr Crown Court. 

“During the investigation, it became clear that a significant number of drugs-related messages had been exchanged between the two, specifically in relation to the production and supply of cannabis.”
Innocent people are safe from Williams/Daniels – for the moment!

Carter was given five years and three months in custody for conspiracy to supply and produce cannabis, as well as being involved in the supply of crack cocaine.

Williams/Daniels was sentenced to four years and six months in prison for conspiracy to supply and produce cannabis.
But even before this latest conviction, Williams/Daniels had been imprisoned for many years, yet he has described his incarceration in a FB post as a “short while”.
The Eye have been following the activities of criminal Williams/Daniels for many years

Meanwhile the questions to SWP could affect his parole to earn early release from jail, so the victims of  Williams/Daniels (and others) need to know when he may continue his life of crime.

The Eye asked:
“We note that no mention is made in your news release of any equipment, vehicles or cash seized when these arrests were made. We would be grateful if you would therefore state the value of items confiscated in this case subject to Proceeds of Crime legislation, and whether such proceedings have commenced and if there has been an outcome.
The police raided several properties

“We further note that this case involved six properties, and that Williams had previously to our knowledge held himself out to be an estate agent specialising at one time as a rental agent.

“Were the properties secured by him as a rental agent and then used by him to cultivate cannabis, rather than be let to bona fide third party renters, or were they secured by other means?
Williams/Daniels was seen driving a Ferrari

“Finally The Eye have received reports that Williams was driving around the Valleys in a blue Ferrari valued at thousands of pounds new, no later than July 2021 having only returned to this country after a business failure in Spain in 2019.  Indeed his own Facebook Page and that of his mother recorded the same.

Plenty of money was shown, but how much was clean?

“In addition his company Hubark Ltd. (Company No. 12454940) Incorporated on February 11 2020 shows assets in its accounts a mere year later of almost £2 million including £750,000 in cash.

“Were the car and these assets seized also?
Finally can you confirm that the defendants pleaded guilty before trial, and that they were previously held on remand, and the date of their arrest?
Will MORE people be handing over their money to Williams/Daniels?!

“Yours sincerely.  The Eye”

These questions were sent to the ‘media team’ of SWP at 10.18 on January 15, with a confirmation email sent by communications officer Juliet Gardner just over three and a half hours later.

To date the only reply from Ms Gardner was on January 17 in response to a query from The Eye asking how consideration of an answer was progressing.

Juliet Gardner – a ‘communications professional’ of South Wales Police dropped the officer involved a ‘chaser email’

This reply was verification that the police officer involved in the case had been informed: Morning – I’ve dropped the officer a chaser email.  I’ll come back to you once I’ve heard from them. Juliet”

This appears to be an extraordinary length of time to wait for crucial answers from the police – but it pales into insignificance compared with the suffering of the victims of Williams/Daniels who are still to be told when he will be allowed back on the streets…



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