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So what if the monthly cost has been reduced?

Edwin Phillips reads a congratulatory message to staff at Carmarthenshire County Council after disclosures first revealed on The Eye that a court had ordered a reduction in the monthly costs of a blogger who had libelled their Chief Executive Mark James.

To:  Staff Hired In Trials (SHIT).

Carmarthenshire council staff should not worry

From:  Chief executive Re-trial Action Programme (CRAP).

Congratulations to you all!

You have held fast in the knowledge that our dear leader who you know and love is unperturbed by the news that the monthly legal costs of that outrageous blogger Jacqui Thompson, have been reduced after she libelled Mark James.

The dear leader

It is only a court which has done that.

What do they know anyway?

Except of course when it comes to correctly awarding libel damages when Ms Thompson defamed our dear leader.

It is unfortunate that the charges were dropped against her for non-violent harassment of Mr James.



It’s only money isn’t it?

We all know this happened.

So now a County Court has said Ms Thompson’s monthly payment must come down by £85.

But it is only money, isn’t it?

Our dear leader will still get his cash in years to come won’t he?

Read carefully what Ms Thompson put on her blog which so outrageously defamed our dear leader:  “I am pleased to say that the judge decided to reduce the instalments from £250 to £165 per month, it wasn’t quite what I’d asked for but this reduction helps us a great deal”.


Note that ‘it wasn’t quite’ what she’d asked for.


We all want Mr James to stay of course, but if he has to leave it must be on the best possible terms.

So everyone will naturally think it is entirely justified to offer him a possible severance payment of £446,000, despite the Wales Audit Office (WAO) saying it was illegal to make payments to the dear leader directly, instead of to a local authority pension fund.

What do they know?

Those WAO officials are just like the court ones who said Ms Thompson’s monthly libel costs should be reduced.

What do they know?

So it was also ruled in a public interest report, that the council had acted unlawfully by funding the libel claim our dear leader Mr James won against Ms Thompson, and that the two sums came to more than £50,000.

It’s not yours

It is not your money is it?!

Well it sort of is actually.

Tomorrow why a decision by a Welsh university to stop investing in fossil fuel companies, throws the spotlight on councils which do.



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