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Furious condemnation has erupted on social media, after a grant was awarded to a Welsh football supporters’ band which declared about a UK Government minister, “Go fuck yourself you Tory bastard“, and vilified a TV personality for offering a holiday home to a Ukrainian family, it has emerged.

One critic of the allowance of £17,000 from the World Cup Partner Support Fund (WCPSF) to The Barry Horns (TBH) said on Facebook (FB): “I don’t want money going to this bunch of foul-mouted yobs”.

Another proclaimed on Twitter: “Apparently this is what happens in Wales. A band which uses the ‘f’ and ‘c’ words is rewarded with lots of money!”.

It is clear, though, that TBH does have support from some prominent nationalist politicians, despite their past, and criticism by the Welsh Conservatives (WC).

The Plaid Cymru (PC) Member of the Senedd/Welsh Parliament for Anglesey Rhun ap Iorwerth MS, said on Twitter: “… – the Barry Horns are an institution! (Welsh flag and football emojis) Don’t pick on @thebarryhorns, (angry face emoji) (hashtag)redwall (hashtag)walgoch”.

A lot of money has been handed over to The Barry Horns

But the context for such adulation from a senior Welsh figure, and award of cash, is disturbing, because TBH have in the past denied using the “‘C’bomb” to condemn the politician Nigel Farage, although journalists on The Eye have found the evidence on social media.

They have also been told that tweets should be proof read before they are sent, but responded by calling the person a “wtat”.

However TBH’s own use of social media has been extensive, if controversial, and included references to the cottage-burning outrage in Wales.

They have used Twitter to slam as a “Community wrecker. Colonialist. Greedmerchant.”, former Love Island contestant, Dr Alex George for buying a Pembrokeshire holiday home, to house a family fleeing the war in Ukraine.

They dubbed Mr Farage on Twitter, “frog faced lying cunt”, while the ‘Tory bastard’ comment was directed at the then Secretary of State for Health (now Chancellor of the ExchequerJeremy Hunt.

Several years ago, a media commentator and journalist who has been monitoring the activities of TBH, complained officially about them to the Football Association of Wales (FAW), but has had no substantive reply.

In December 2019 the angry journalist outlined to the FAW a series of problematic issues: “The Barry Horns have had their official Twitter account shut down for foul and abusive behaviour, and repeated violations of Twitter’s terms and conditions. They then set up another account, which was shut down within a week”.

There was apparently no time to discuss the situation with Jonathan Ford before he went on holiday

But in documents The Eye have seen, the reply from a senior official at the FAW was simply:  “I have not discussed fully with (then Chief ExecutiveJonathan Ford. When I returned from holiday he went away on his…I have followed up on the issues raised but need to talk to Jonathan first”.

The FAW was asked by another fan (who has also received no reply):  I would like to know what the FAW position is on the Barry Horns who having affiliated themselves to South Wales football now appear to have adopted an aggressive political agenda.

‘The abusive language they use is absolutely disgusting’

“Some of their language on Twitter is worse than I have ever endured on football terraces. Is this the sort of agenda the FAW condone?”.

A further fan around that date, attached some of the comments on Twitter by TBH in his complaint to the FAW, following an earlier piece about them on The Eye, saying:  “As you can see, the abusive language they use is absolutely disgusting. It has attracted negative media attention on a widely-read Welsh news website. Their behaviour, and the behaviour of other groups in the Welsh nationalist movement who are ‘tagging on’ to the FAW and the Wales team’s success are already damaging the reputation of Welsh football…”.

As the FAW have been notified, TBH briefly faced being barred from Twitter following their offensive comments, and after the ban was lifted said that they were “beautiful”, yet queries were raised about this contentious decision. The former leader of Plaid Cymru (PC) Leanne Wood spoke out against the restriction at the time, saying on Twitter:  “…you ban the Barry Horns? For defending the NHS?”, this was then re-tweeted by the disgraced one-time PC (then independent) MP Jonathan Edwards, who was cautioned by the police after assaulting his wife.

Meanwhile it is obvious that TBH support Ms Wood’s (and Mr Edwards’) party because before the Twitter ban, they exhorted followers to “Join @Plaid Cymru”.

Jonathan Edwards, MP, ‘retweeted’ the message supporting The Barry Horns

TBH are an eleven-piece brass band, made up of fans of the Welsh national football team, created in 2011 by BBC Wales promos director ‘Fez’ Watkins.

Their first public appearance was outside the Wales v England World Cup qualifying match in Cardiff on 26 March 2011.

They have been banned

They also appeared at the Welsh Cup Final in the same year, which was broadcast on television.

In March 2017, the band were kept out of the Republic of Ireland Wales World Cup 2018 qualifying match in Dublin, but in September of the same year, they gave a headline performance at the first Welsh Independence music festival in association with Yes Cymru, held at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff.

The Barry Horns liked to greet Welsh foootball fans at the railway station

That month TBH also gave football fans from North Wales a surprise welcome to the city, with a performance at Cardiff Central Station ahead of Wales’ match against Austria at the Cardiff City Stadium.

Officials said: “The Horns couldn’t wait to greet the train upon its arrival to Caerdydd. Next stop – 3 points!”.

‘Next stop three points!’

The former rail franchise-holder for Wales, Arriva Trains Wales (ATW) proclaimed:  “The atmosphere on board was amazing with everyone in great spirits all the way down and for The Barry Horns to be welcoming the train and fans into Cardiff was the icing on the cake”.

Pontio – did The Barry Horns performing really make it ‘Suitable for all ages’?

A Welsh TV company said then:  The Barry Horns know how to get a party started, even on a station platform”.

The headline-grabbing broadcaster BBC Cymru Wales (BBC CW) also found itself brought into the growing row. BBC Radio Cymru (BBC RC) and The National Orchestra of Wales (NOW) were due to stage the ‘Red Wall’ with TBH at Pontio in Bangor, although the venue was closed due to the coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic.

Handing over money after appalling public insults were made, has caused huge anger

The event was to mark “the amazing journey supporting our national football team through Euro 2020”, and was apparently ‘suitable’ for children. The band which had published the deeply offensive remarks to prominent politicians, were ‘guest’ performers.

It also appears to be an amazing journey that a group which said about a UK Government minister, “Go fuck yourself you Tory bastard“, used the ‘C’ word, and vilified a TV personality for offering a holiday home to a Ukrainian family, have been awarded thousands of pounds, yet now face fury about it online.


Money going to a group which has made offensive public remarks, infuriated Phil

Our Editor Phil Parry’s memories of his remarkable 39 year award-winning career in journalism (including 23 years at the BBC) as he was gripped by the incurable neurological disabling condition Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP), have been released in a major book ‘A GOOD STORY’ (which includes looking at examples of money going to dubious organisations). Order the book now!

Regrettably publication of another book, however, was refused, because it was to have included names.

“I mustn’t use the cliché ‘witch-hunt’ in this story!”

Tomorrow – how during that long journalistic career, Phil has always known the importance of words, and this has now been thrown into sharp relief by revelations that the cliché “witch-hunt” was used yet again, this time by the controversial former US President Donald Trump, as he defended himself in the latest legal scandal to engulf him and his business dealings.