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‘fat shaming’?

Controversial Welsh rugby commentator Jonathan Davies has been accused of ‘fat shaming’ a critic on social media and sent a picture of himself naked to a fellow TV personality, after revelations on The Eye that he had faced a storm of criticism following statements which have included calling an MP a “knob”, and that The BBC should be uncomfortable about it, we can disclose.

The row also comes hard on the heels of the broadcasting style of Mr Davies (whose nickname is ‘Jiffy’) being condemned by another rugby fan for ‘ruining’ the game.

From Jonathan Davies to Carol Vorderman with the caption ‘just for you Carol’

Mr Davies had posted a fake picture of the ‘fat shamed’ detractor, a well-known Welsh rugby fan, wearing a Pontypridd RFC shirt on Twitter but he was then slammed for “essentially fat shaming someone because they disagree with them”, and the observer linked the comment to @BBCSport @BBCNews 5liveSport and @BBCWalesNews, saying they should be “embarrassed”, and that it was a “Dick move”.

Last week he sent a picture of himself with no clothes on via Twitter to TV star Carol Vorderman.

But Mr Davies has been no stranger to controversy.

He also used Twitter in the past to brand Rhondda MP Chris Bryant “knob” for asking about childcare during a highly-unusual debate in the commons on the ‘deal’ with the European Union (EU), and said that Mr Bryant was “not in touch with reality” with his question in the Houses of Parliament.

Rugby fans have not been happy

One of his attackers stated in a Tweet that Mr Davies was “tedious”, and that he should be removed from The BBC’s rugby league team.

Apart from the claim on social media that Mr Davies “ruins” the game, a fan had also pleaded that he should “shut up”, and he has featured in the UK press for all the wrong reasons.

‘Contain yourself’

Despite this, it seems The BBC have stood by their man and in 2019 Mr Davies was in the £150,000-£199,999 salary bracket at the corporation.

But the Daily Express reported scathingly:  When they (France) scored (a) try, Wales hero Davies erupted on the BBC’s commentary, much to the frustration of fans at home.

“One fan wrote on Twitter: ‘Jonathan Davies for once can you please contain yourself during a Welsh game? 

Jonathan Davies’ television comments are irritating to some

‘When you’re commentating for the BBC you’re being paid to commentate not to be a fan…..

I know it’s very hard for you to do your job professionally but please try. #6nations2019’.

Another added: ‘When oh when will the BBC retire Jonathan Davies?!?!

‘Wales are brilliant’

‘I’m sick to death of his whiney “Wales are brilliant”, everyone else are lucky commentary’.

‘So the secret to watching rugby on the BBC is to mute the sound and listen to 5Live on your DAB radio, no Jonathan Davies! #6nations2019,’ another added.

He declared too on live television before an international rugby game, that the referee was French so “anything could happen”.

Jonathan Davies was not happy…

Earlier the fury of Mr Davies had also been directed at journalist Marcus Stead who had criticised what he views as the Welsh establishment.

He engaged in an extraordinary spat with him, again using Twitter, in which he branded Mr Stead, an “attention seeking nobody”, a “sad pathetic waste of time” and ‘hashtagged’ the words “absolute bell end”.

Jonathan Davies was a great player but his commentary style has faced criticism

A Welsh newspaper columnist and broadcaster who saw the tweets said it was a “badge of Welsh honour” to be blocked by Mr Stead, although he has never blocked Mr Davies.

Mr Davies represented Wales in rugby league as well as union and has been described as the greatest player of his generation.


But it is perhaps not ‘great’ to be accused of ‘fat shaming’ someone on Twitter, calling an MP a “knob”, or publicly posting a picture of yourself naked to a TV star…


Tomorrow – why the BBC in Wales is hitting the headlines again, this time over another controversial presenter. 

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