Banksy Artwork Found In Swansea Roadworks

Minotaur, Banksy, Swansea, Roadworks
The Minotaur is hopelessly lost in Swansea roadworks
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World famous graffiti artist Banksy has confirmed his latest creation is on the side of a concrete barrier in the middle of Swansea’s UNCRC world heritage Prince of Wales roadworks.

The artwork appeared on the barrier at the eastern end of the Kingsway in the city centre over the weekend.

It covers half a barrier with a picture of the legendary Minotaur of Greek legend who famously dwelled within the Labyrinth. The Minotaur is shown consulting a Sat Nav device in a desperate attempt to find his way out of Swansea city centre.

Toothbrush and a lottery ticket

The work had sparked wild speculation that it could be a Banksy after images began circulating on social media.

But confirmation only came today when Banksy issued this statement. “After I did that one up in Port Talbot, I thought I’d pop into Swansea to do a bit of shopping.” 

Swansea city centre is famous for its “ironic shopping” and the council has even commissioned a massive stained glass window to celebrate the fact.

“I needed some toilet roll and, a new toothbrush and a lottery ticket for the triple rollover.  Three and a half hours later I still hadn’t managed to find anywhere to park.  

Harpooned by Subway staff

Even though I hadn’t succeeded in parking my car I’d been given three parking tickets filled out a shopping experience consumer satisfaction survey and been harpooned out of my car by staff from the Subway on Union Street.  The sweet onion chicken teriyaki on wholemeal with pumpkin seeds was delicious as it happens but the harpoon wound still hasn’t healed and I’m on antibiotics which have effectively destroyed my digestive system, so swings and roundabouts.

After my sandwich, I came out and saw the concrete barriers.  Well, I thought, while I’m here I might as well knock up one of my famous cutting edge, anti-establishment, socio-political, satirical artworks using my legendary graffiti skills.  Bish, bash, bosh, ten minutes later there it is.  I call it Minor Tour (with Sat Nav).  It’s like a play on words see?

Dipping Sauce

Anyway, if anyone has seen my car, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know.  It’s a 1992 pearlized green and silver Fiat Panda with rear spoilers and there’s a pizza on the back seat with three slices left. Spicy beef with extra cheese and olives.  And a Garlic Parmesan White dipping sauce.  And a large Coke. That’s not important but you know…”

The Banksy is estimated to be worth in excess of £300,000 or something like that. Swansea council has vowed to “Power wash it out of existence” as soon as any of their cleaning units can work out how to find their way from The Quadrant to The Kingsway without getting a parking ticket.


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